Ready Steady Cut EP25 – The Equalizer (2014) and Denzel Washington

April 7, 2017
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This is the Podcast’s 25th Episode so we celebrate in style. We’d like to say thank you to our listeners who have joined us so far. You are making good life decisions. On this episode, we discuss The Equalizer (2014) and the career of the brilliant Denzel Washington. As it’s the 25th episode we have added new segments to the format which are Trailer Talk and Twitter Chat. Trailer Talk this week is Justice League and Twitter chat is ‘that annoying moment when someone steals your reserved cinema seat’. As always, we answer questions raised by our listeners and we do a quiz arranged by Laura the quiz master. We must apologise if you are confused at the start where we reference “FilmInk Film Thoughts Podcast” – we’ve recently gone through a rebrand.

00:00 25th Episode Announcement
00:50 Introductions
02:05 iTunes Reviews
05:10 Trailer Talk – Justice League
10:37 Twitter Chat – Stolen Reserved Cinema Seats
15:10 Main Film Discussion – The Equalizer (2014)
1:11:50 Questions From Our Listeners
1:16:45 Denzel Washington Discussion
1:24:50 The Famous Quiz
1:38:17 Shoutouts, Plugins and Final Comments

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