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Podcast Diary Entry #2

Since my first diary entry, we have been very busy. Ready, Steady, Cut! is now at full throttle which you can probably tell by just looking at our Twitter accounts. This week we have finished recording our podcast mini-series on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. If you have known about us from the beginning you may have listened to our Lord of the Rings trilogy episodes but we’ve definitely enjoyed talking about Batman more. Maybe that’s because each film in the trilogy is uniquely different for good and bad reasons.

What else have we been up to? Well, Jonathon has posted a whole range of different reviews (new and old) on the website so check them out. We will be doing the first ever Ready, Steady, Cut! Quiz Championship bringing back our favourite guests and the winner will receive the first ever Ready, Steady, Cut! merchandise in the form of a t-shirt. Exciting times.

We do have other plans in the pipeline. We will be starting to release midweek episodes where we will be doing spoiler-free audio versions of our reviews based on recent releases and secondly, each month we will be recording a preview of the film releases for the following month.

That’s it for the diary today. Speak to you next time.

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