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Podcast Diary Entry #3

The strange thing about podcasting is once you get into a routine of recording, the one day where you don’t it feels unusual. For example, last week we recorded 5 episodes, which is a lot for us, so by the time it got to Monday I felt there was something missing.

You may have seen on Twitter and Facebook that we have recorded our first Ready, Steady, Cut! Movie Quiz Championships. We brought back guests from our previous episodes and it was a success. I won’t reveal who the winner was but the person that did win gets hold of our first ever merchandise. It will be a t-shirt and a keyring and no, we don’t sell merchandise yet, so it’s really just prototyping – but it’s still cool. We also released our first ever preview show which was released on the 17th April and we discussed all the movies that are getting a wide release in May. This was an instant hit with listeners and we got some good feedback, so we are going to do that episode on a monthly basis.

What else is happening in our world? Well, we’ve just been invited to guest appear on the Braintrust Network Bros show which is titled The Peanut Gallery Podcast. We are very excited to go on so check them out before we do. Myself and Laura’s baby will be entering the world very soon and scarily enough it could happen any moment, it could even happen whilst I write this and –

Kidding. It really could though.

Speak to you on the next diary entry.

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