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Podcast Diary Entry #4

If you’ve been listening to our podcast or seen my Twitter then you should know that me and my partner Laura are due to have a baby, and that will be happening this week. Recently, with each episode recording, I’ve admired how Laura powers through despite the uncomfortableness pregnancy brings. As you can imagine, sitting for 2 hours in an upright position recording a show whilst heavily pregnant cannot be easy.

Anyway, parenthood is very quickly approaching us so at the moment we are taking a break from recording podcasts. That does not mean that Jonathon will be doing solo episodes, although I am sure he’d be able to pull it off with his critical analysis of films, and a fun segment of him trying to beat himself in a quiz. Due to our dedication to mapping out a schedule we still have episodes lined up ready to be released during our maternity leave. You can’t get rid of us that easily.

To share other news with you, we’ve recently done a guest appearance on The Peanut Gallery Podcast by the Braintrust Bros Network. I briefly announced we’d be going on their show in my last entry. Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed appearing on their show and they were a pleasure to discuss film with. Check out the episode here. Keep an eye out as we plan to get them on the Ready, Steady, Cut! podcast very soon. Apart from that there are no new developments. Podcast episodes continue to be released and Jonathon is doing a fine job releasing a variety of reviews. We are growing and widening our community every day.

By the time my next diary entry is released, Laura and I will be parents, which is rather scary. You’ll be listening to a new Dan. A tired Dan. A dad Dan.

Speak to you next time.

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2 comments on “Podcast Diary Entry #4

  1. Congratulations mate. I became a Dad 6 months ago – you’ll piss it, no problem!

  2. Daniel Hart

    Thank you! I’m well looking forward too it. And belated congratulations to you too. I hope you’ve had a great 6 months.

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