Podcast Diary Entry #7

In the last entry, I gave the unfortunate news that Laura ended up back at the hospital. Since then she has fully recovered from her post-maternity infections and we seem to have new-born baby Zach into a routine. If you can call it a routine. Basically, we get to sleep now and again to keep us sane.

As for Ready, Steady, Cut! we seem to be back in full swing with our format solidified with a structured schedule. My paternity ends on the 30th May so that will be the true test of how we manage however I am confident everything will be okay. In my last entry, I explained that all my reviews will be on our site, including features and interviews. All of them are now available to read so check out the reviews page and peruse through the catalogue.

We released our first Reviews Round-Up episode on the 24th May and we are really pleased by the response we have had so we will continue to do these episodes, summarising our spoiler-free reviews on a bi-weekly basis. If you want to understand our schedule and format then we’ve recently updated our podcast page to explain it in more detail.

We are fully back as a team now so expect content continuing to flow through the appropriate channels. We genuinely do enjoy engaging with our readers/listeners so feel free to contact us about anything either through Twitter or email and we will endeavour to respond ASAP as we just love talking movies.

Before I end this entry I would like to say that all my thoughts are with the victims, victim’s family & friends and anyone else affected by the terrorist attack that happened in Manchester on the 22nd May. Times like this make you really value life and as this attack was very close to home it really hit us. We are really proud of how the city we live in has come together in solidarity showing the love and support that is needed in times like this but we are also proud of how everyone has pulled their sleeves up and gone into the city centre like it is business as usual. I’ve been into the city a few times since the attack and on one of the days, it was the busiest I have ever seen it.  The hot weather has helped of course!

Speak to you on the next entry.

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Daniel Hart

Editor-in-Chief for Ready Steady Cut

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