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RSC Is Now On YouTube

Hello, all.

Here at Ready, Steady, Cut! we’re always looking to expand. It’s our hope to one day annoy and insult people on every platform imaginable, and to that end, we’ve expanded the RSC empire to incorporate everyone’s favorite internet cesspit, YouTube.

Our plans for this platform are still up-in-the-air at the moment, but what we’ve got so far are snippets of our reviews round-up shows, helpfully organized into individual films. Now, if you can’t be arsed listening to us drone on for 90 minutes, you can just check out the review you’re interested in. Helpful!

Thanks to the imminent implosion of Soundcloud, we’ll be hosting full episodes on YouTube, too, as well as original video content such as vlogs and full-video reviews of all your favorite media. Well… some of it.

You can visit our channel by clicking these words.  Not much there at the moment, obviously, but please subscribe – we’ll have lots of new stuff coming very soon.

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