Short Film Review – Vesper 

July 20, 2017
Daniel Hart 0
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Vesper is a film selected in London and Santa Monica festivals in 2016 made by director Keyvan Sheikhalishahi. It’s a French psychological thriller about a character called Marge Ofenbey, who has shut herself away in her house to flee from her manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help, however, secrets are revealed and dark turns are ahead in this thriller.

Do not let the premise fool you. This movie oozes in darkness and slowly unfolds events tentatively in a narrative that does not reveal much of its hand until the penultimate scenes. It’s the mystery of it that entices you and prolongs your interest until the final seconds. Marge, the husband, and Christian are characters that reveal very little but manage to maintain a plot that conjures revelations in this darkened, stitched-together short.

The major driver in this short movie is the dark, twisted music that reverberates through each scene, making sure you lock onto each character’s prolonged, mysterious stare. The music is not something you can escape. Sheikhalishahi has created a narrative that makes you question if everything is as it seems. Why does Marge appear so haunted? And is the husband really a manipulative, aggressive being? He has done this with very personal up-close shots, and good maneuvering around the characters when they are in dialogue.

This short movie is worth the watch and it will obviously be over quickly. Enjoy the ride as director Sheikhalishahi guides you through a narrative that needs a key question answering. If anything, Vesper will leave you thinking after the credits pass.

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