Recap – Suits S7E4: “Divide and Conquer” 

August 4, 2017 (Last updated: August 6, 2017)
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Expect plenty of spoilers in this recap.

“Divide and Conquer” seamlessly continues from the previous episode. The shackles are still off, Harvey has zero control, and Louis proceeds to roll with his hilarious facial expressions. The beginnings of this show started as a serious legal drama. Now it is leaning towards a fanciful soap opera. Suits know its audience loves the characters and it’s slowly becoming a guilty pleasure rather than something you tell the cool kids about.

The family is slowly reforming with the help of a familiar face. Jessica’s reoccurring guest-like appearances almost makes you think she wants to fully return to the show. Harvey makes it clear that he misses her but he clearly needs the guidance to build the firm back up to its former reputation. Episode 4 demonstrates that the challenge is a mountain even for Harvey, and you suspect he will need plenty of help for the remainder of season 7. Jessica’s reveal in the final segments, that she divided the group on purpose, was an obvious cliffhanger. I felt the utmost disappointment for not foreseeing it. It is easy to forget her tactical nature to turn personalities against each other for her own gain, especially after she left an empty void. Will Harvey be able to continue eventually without guidance?

I’m frankly in disbelief knowing that Louis is still a top ranking lawyer after seven seasons of child-like behaviour. The writers appear to be enjoying his self-defeating behaviour more than usual. Unfortunately, it does not bode well within the narrative. In fact, it is confusing. I can only assume some lawyers are like this at the top? Louis is unstable with a slanted view of how human relationships work. Just as you feel irritated by the character he provides the most impactful line of the episode when declaring to Alex:

“You are one of us now.”

So that’s confirmed, then. The man that managed to get under Louis’ skin and force Harvey to make suspect decisions two episodes earlier is seemingly part of this fraternal organization. To be honest, making Donna COO is not going to be beaten because it is absurd. It would not surprise me if, by the end of the season, Donna was back to what she likes doing. Since trying to take on the world she is not the same. The show needs someone light-hearted to kick the others back into shape when all is wrong with the world. Donna’s failure to seek out the mole may have been achievable if she did not allow her new found title pressure her. The biggest bugbear with Donna is how she and Harvey appear to not have the same chemistry that graced our TV sets for the previous six seasons? It’s such a change in dynamics. What are they planning?

The romance between Mike and Rachel is starting to develop into a little side show. Suits just cannot help itself. There always has to be embers slowly growing back into a fire. Okay, on the surface everything looks cool, but the scenario presented between the two is can we have a successful marriage if we do not have the time to plan the wedding properly together? In real life terms, it is nothing new nor anything to complain about. It is perfectly normal to be busy and struggle to plan a wedding. “Oh, how the rich live” comes to mind, but the question pursed on everyone’s lips is will they hit troubled waters? Rachel’s dad is excitedly waiting on the horizon for his daughter to join his firm. Maybe it will be her split from Mike that will spur this on? Or maybe I’m wrong and this is all in the name of fairy tales.

Oh, and I could not give a s**t about the fired intern.

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