Recap – Suits S7E5: “Brooklyn Housing” 

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 10, 2017 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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SUITS -- "Brooklyn Housing" Episode 705 -- Pictured: Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

What the hell is happening?

I made a valid statement in the recap for “Divide and Conquer” that the shackles are off. I am not entirely sure what for. Rachel made a resounding point to put curtains on this episode; is it really worth Mike going behind Harvey’s back to help the clinic? I mean, let’s face it, Oliver is only clinging on to Mike because he cannot strongly represent anyone to make a good lawyer. Oliver has thrown the book at Mike since the start of the season, but he appears unphased by the illegal conflict of interest. What an insufferable hypocritical character the writers have thrown in.

Sorry. I am a little grumpy. I guess after seeing Harvey illegally hire Mike, defend him ruthlessly against all odds and smartly construct a legal scenario to release him from prison, I am flagrantly fed up. If anyone has risked their career for Mike it is Harvey. The storyline does not fit well with me. It appears they allow Mike’s personality to go off on tangents. Look, I get he has some moral high ground more than the other lawyers, but he was a fraud. Surely a principle he should hold onto is staying loyal to family. Returning to deal with prisoners against his old foe represents the abnormality of this character. Maybe he is destined to always be on the wrong side of the law.

Moving away from Mike, the biggest surprise of episode five is a milestone achieved by Louis. It appears that the writers may have a little bit of sympathy for this man after all. He managed to do two things: Keep his mouth shut and not overreact. It is no surprise that the outcome is that nothing came back to bite him. Could it be that this season’s true hero could end up being Mr Litt? I guess it would be fitting for Louis to finally have his moment in the good light. Time will tell. The second biggest surprise is that Harvey and Louis actually agreed to do something which did not result in them both fighting each other. It was a little weird that Harvey wholeheartedly trusted him to deal with his girlfriend’s affairs but it was a rare storyline that was the highlight of this particular episode.

Harvey and Donna. Remember when we used to wonder about these two? Not anymore. One of the main strengths of previous seasons was these two. The lawyer/secretary combo was a unique selling point. Now that Donna has a higher position, all that was good about their relationship seems to have dissipated. Donna blurts to Harvey late in the episode that “she’s missed this”. We have too. Why the hell has it been taken away from us? There is a glimpse that it might return. The dialogue at times reminds us that they used to work well together. The relationship between Harvey and his ex-therapist feels like a side story that makes me believe it will not last long.

Overall, at this stage of season seven the dynamics have changed but not in favour of the narrative. It’s becoming easy to become tired of the story, but because I have been with these characters from the start, I am holding on to hope that Suits will do the usual thing by throwing in a genuine plot twist to throw me off guard and pull me back in again. Apart from the usual legal lingo and Harvey still trying to keep everyone managed, this was pretty much a non-episode.

The only winning plot point was Louis and Harvey finally agreeing to do something amicably. Oh, and where the hell is the new lawyer gone that they have been pushing in our faces for past few weeks. Alex?

Let’s hope Suits returns next week with a story worth talking about.

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