Recap – Suits S7E6: “Home to Roost” 

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 17, 2017 (Last updated: last month)
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SUITS -- "Home to Roost" Episode 706 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

After my disheartening recap last week, I was not expecting to say this. Suits is back. Well, nearly.

Okay, so this is better. In comparison to the slow starting first few episodes, this is an improvement. Suits is finally ramping up its usual gears that allowed me to enjoy it in the first place. What strikes me, is that as a concept, Suits is not complicated. The narrative is easy to explain. Okay, they have to get the legal terms correct but it is always forgiven for not entirely getting the law right. That is entertainment for you. My qualm with the dispiriting episode last week was that they have appeared to imbalance the relationships between the characters a little too much. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Most serial TV shows suffer from this. Only the best shows maintain satisfactory consistency.

Mike definitely went rogue for a moment. It was never going to last. He finally faced the consequences of playing with two separate firms. The violation of his agreement with Harvey was always going to result in a short fuse. It exploded, albeit softly but it represented the first round of Mike vs Harvey. Interestingly, Mike does not care about money and Harvey really cares about his finances. It is corporate law after all. Despite my annoyances with the rebellious Mike, I am looking forward to round two. Cage fight anyone? Rachel will be the celebrity guest referee. There is a feeling that she will be the key to resolving all this. It is not about the prison case anymore. It is a difference in morals. The other factor is Mike is feeling comfortable. Too comfy if you ask me.

Louis Litt. Bless. This episode represented another test of his new resolve for dealing with personal situations. Like Mike, he had to face the consequences. It cannot get more personal than a sexual harassment lawsuit against him can it? “Home to Roost” was probably his biggest test of the season so far. Stephanie, yes the loud-mouth intern, is suing Louis for his outburst before Donna fired her. It was never about striking him down in court. It was about growing up and showing respect to others, regardless of who they are. I honestly thought this was going to be the second downfall of Mr Litt. I have been proven wrong yet again. Maybe he has finally risen above his delayed teenage years. Expect Litt’s personal tests to continue throughout the course of season seven.

Suits went full circle since my last recap, dismantling my fear that the Harvey / Donna ball game had disappeared. The scenario is back. As usual, it is frustrating but in a good way. Donna’s unique moment of clarity that Harvey’s newfound relationship bugs her is another breakthrough. On a serious note, how long is this going to be dragged on for? Surely this is the season? Maybe a court case between the two will form a catalyst. However it happens, Suits will make it as dramatic as possible.

Despite my newfound enthusiasm for the season, it does feel that they are switching directions between episodes. There was little about Harvey getting a grip on his firm and Alex suddenly reappeared again. It went back to its core strength – the characters. I am not grumbling. I am only really interested in how this journey is going to end amongst this corporate group of friends. Let’s hope it continues to have moments of confrontations, legal twists and revelations for the rest of the season. Mike and Louis had to face the consequences in “Home to Roost”. Who will it be next week? Or will they just be one happy family? Kidding.

Biggest tip of the episode: do not get into a relationship with your ex-therapist. Bad call.

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