Recap – Suits S7E8: “100”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 1, 2017 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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SUITS -- "100" Episode 708 -- Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

100. Yes, that is how many episodes of Suits we have watched, and whilst I am surprised it has lasted this long, it has to be acknowledged that shows like this do not come to the surface often and survive. Shows that attach themselves to characters that think too highly of themselves are often accused of being cheesy, overly dramatic and generic. Suits somehow survived any accusation, and it has become a law drama sensation when really it is not about law. It is about family and relationships.

Season 7, episode 8, “100”, did not just represent the anniversary. It represented how quickly scenarios can escalate. Louis Litt’s suggestive phone sex with Sheila threw me into a fit of giggles. He is the only character that can somehow get excited at the prospect of a one night stand and be stressed about it at the same time. Surprisingly, Rachel indirectly endorsed Louis to have sex with someone who was about to get married. I guess the moral compass is dependent on the objective of the episode. Speaking of Rachel, her lack of engagement so far in this season has been odd. Are there plans to let her go? I did suggest it in another recap that time on her relationship with Mike maybe over. The couple is always at a crossroads over something consequential that it almost feels unrealistic that they will weather every storm.

There is a real sense of sadness surrounding Donna at the moment. This must be the season that there is a real breakthrough on her friendship with Harvey. I felt unnerved that she almost accepted being a mistress to smokescreen her feelings. It feels like she has unknowingly become a tortured slave to her own feelings. Rachel annoyingly keeps on hinting about a possible whirlwind of romance without any sympathy for the situation, which makes me think that their friendship will hit a boiling point in a moment of passion. Being COO does not change anything. It makes her feelings stronger and exacerbates the situation.

“100” was the episode where the prison case came to fruition and seemingly provided a dramatic conclusion. From a storytelling perspective, it was entertaining but odd. Mike liaised with Harvey to put the plans in place to finally put the case to bed by absolving all blame from Alex, but then disappeared for most of the episode. I always find it comical when Rachel’s father gets a sniff at an opportunity with Harvey and constructs the entire legal battle like it is a boxing match. Ironically, that is what it nearly became. The fight that almost happened between the lawyers was the big bang moment of the episode. The 0-100 moment. Suits had to try something. It is episode 100 after all.

In the end, Harvey got his swagger back. He is able to walk into any office and shock those opposed into submission and it was satisfying to see him deliver with his new partner in crime Alex. Maybe the Mike and Harvey partnership is not happening anymore. This is the new era of Harvey and Alex. I like it.

Everything about “100” had the bearings of a mid-season finale. I miss breaks. Sorry for saying that, but there is nothing more exciting than watching an invigorating episode to then learn you have to wait a few months to see where it leads to. Netflix ruins any anticipation because their business model involves the availability of content. For the first time ever, I cannot provide a prediction on what is going to happen from here. Alex is now free from his past, Mike finally got justice for the prison case and compensated the prisoner’s daughter immensely, and Louis is slowly but surely getting a mature grip on his life. Kind of. What is left? Well, I guess it is Harvey and Donna, but there is still so much more left of this season that there are surely going to be more twists and turns before anything explodes.

“100” went 0-100 real quick. Happy anniversary Suits. 

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