Recap – Suits S7E9: “Shame”

September 7, 2017 (Last updated: September 14, 2017)
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Suits went back to normal in “Shame”. Mike and Harvey are a duo, Louis Litt lost his mind, Rachel is back doing law and Gretchen, well, she is still Gretchen but with a crucial plot role for once.

It has been a long time since an episode was left on a cliffhanger, leaving the characters with some unfinished business. Season 7, so far, has had episode to episode of loose ends sewn up relatively quickly. After episode “100” it seems they have reset, and it is now in the phase where there are some law defining moments. The cliffhanger this time is Donna is going to do a mock trial. My word, do you remember the last time she participated in one? Louis Litt ripped her soul apart and left small remnants of it on the floor for the dogs to eat.

Donna of course wants to do the mock trial despite the emotional trauma it caused the first time. Why? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Harvey. The hot shot lawyer is in trouble once again and what came to my mind is – how many bloody enemies does this guy have? The new enemy had all the ingredients for the second half. The first half of season 7 was about the prison case. The enemy this time is Andy Malik, an Attorney General that used to work in Harvey’s DA’s office years ago. This man is boldly bitter. His only objective is to bring Harvey down. Ironically, the reason why he has this enemy at his doorstep is because Mike wanted to make up with Harvey by working on a new case to bring this gentleman down. Little did Mike know that Malik and Specter had a past.

“Shame” does a good job in recognising a balance between each storyline. It is like the prison case gig was a temporary idea to see if viewers would like it. Let’s be honest, they created an insurmountable hole by putting Mike in prison, which had to happen, but Suits did suffer for a long period of time. I feel that it finally feels natural again with no reasons to force storylines down our throats.


Amongst the Malik v Specter story you have some interesting side plots. Rachel is part of Suits again. Apologies for the sarcasm but I’ve noted that the character is barely involved recently. I like that she is working with her father. Those two make an impressive duo. It is a shame this time the case they are working on is a revenge piece for Robert Zane. Accusing a bank that they are discriminating with their credit and loans, when they are not, is surely not going to end well. Robert Zane is out for revenge due for a deceased family member and Rachel is willing to help. The moment when the black employee walks into the deposition to be a witness for the bank was a magical moment. Both Rachel and Robert’s immediate discomposure must be one of the highlights for the season.

As for Louis. Same old, same old. Still figuring out his life but sleeping with Sheila was bound to dismantle him. His admiration for Brian, the intern, was a moment that I was not expecting, but it was good to see him happy teaming up with someone. That’s until he screamed at him. It is a good job his secretary Gretchen intervened or that could have ended ugly again. Regardless of another outburst I do believe the end of this season will bode well for Louis. He is slowly but surely finding peace in his life and his offering to babysit Brian’s son exemplified that.

As for Donna – to end this recap I must say that the one character we all feel sympathy for is this beautiful red head who is completely enslaved by her feelings. To make matters worse, it looks like she is going to enter into a mock trial with Louis.

Suits did well to bring back viewing figures with “100”. Let’s hope they capitalise. Next week should not be hard. The episode is called “Donna.”

Oh boy.

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