Calendar Competition – February

September 26, 2017 (Last updated: September 29, 2017)

Sunday 21st Sunset HDR

So, you’ve made it through the January blues. it’s still cold, and you probably gave up on your new year’s resolution roughly 32 days ago – so what now? Some darn good scenery, that’s what. If you’re anything like me, at least. Here’s my submission for February for The Examiner 2018 calendar competition.

I decided to title this one A Muddle of Puddles, Ft. Fiery Sky. I still distinctly remember how beautiful the sky looked on this night. I’m usually one for making an effort to be outdoors with my camera handy before the sunset kicks in, so I can be prepared; however, I was laid, motionless in bed moments before this one. It wasn’t until I experienced the  breathtaking colours of the sky creating a natural disco in my room, that I decided to grab my camera and run outside.

There are few things I appreciate more than some good scenery; and there are even fewer things I appreciate more than a wonderful sunset.

Here’s my January submission, in case you missed it.

Manpreet Singh – photographer at Ready, Steady, Cut!

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A selection of the best photos will be made available for the public to vote on from 2nd October, so be sure to head on over to the Examiner website to check out the month-by-month candidates – and, of course, feel free to vote for Manpreet’s photos if you’d like to.

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