Calendar Competition – April

September 28, 2017


I love intricate patterns and designs. Whether it’s in the one of infinitely unique snowflakes that lands on my coat during winter, or in the blooming centre of a spring flower coming to life, patterns just catch my eye. So, of course, when life starts returning to everything in the post-winter months, I see picturesque opportunities everywhere.

Aptly named, Flower Hour, my eyes couldn’t take themselves away from the colour popping out of these petals. I’m no botanical genius, so more often than not I’ve little-to-no idea of the names, distinctions or classifications of many, if not most, of the plants and flowers I come across – so please feel free to inform or correct me in any instance.

Despite the flowers clearly being the subject of this photo, I especially enjoyed the subtle yet noticeable shadow created by both the grass and tree in the background. Natural light is amongst my favourite things.

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Manpreet Singh – photographer at Ready, Steady, Cut!

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A selection of the best photos will be made available for the public to vote on from 2nd October, so be sure to head on over to the Examiner website to check out the month-by-month candidates – and, of course, feel free to vote for Manpreet’s photos if you’d like to.