Calendar Competition – May

September 29, 2017

first park

And so, we’ve May-de it to May. Amidst the throws of spring, everything begins to return to life with vigour and dedication. Also, if you’re in England like myself, summer has pretty much been and gone. This solid fact doesn’t mean the beautiful scenery has disappeared with it, though.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, showcases a part of one of my local, go-to walking spots, Greenhead Park. I feel this shot really captures the whole winter-is-gone-type feeling and simultaneously encapsulates a pre-summer feeling – it’s bursting with warmth and life, but not to its utmost maximum.

I’ve always appreciated spring and autumn for their mild and softer transitioning alternatives, as opposed to the two more fully-fledged seasons many seem to either love or hate. As with autumn, spring offers a lovely, and often preferable, mid-point.

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Manpreet Singh – photographer at Ready, Steady, Cut!

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A selection of the best photos will be made available for the public to vote on from 2nd October, so be sure to head on over to the Examiner website to check out the month-by-month candidates – and, of course, feel free to vote for Manpreet’s photos if you’d like to.

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