Calendar Competition – June

September 30, 2017

That Sunset 2nd

As infinite as my love for sunsets is, it’s fairly rare that I can describe one as being especially extraordinary. The evening on which I took this picture, without a doubt in my mind, was the best sunset I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

I still vividly remember arriving at the park, completely awestruck at the alternate reality I’d just walked into; and it only became increasingly more beautiful as the moments went by until, eventually, I took this photo. There were countless other photos, too; but this one was the winner.

This was, in fact, a rare moment in which I didn’t want to take photos, and instead headed towards a bench right behind where this was taken to sit and take it all in. However, my obsessive tendencies got the better of me. Thankfully, though, it meant me taking one of my most favoured photos of all-time, with this also having been my first ever Photoshop edit.

I was so amazed during this sunset that I’d never even thought to think up a witty name for the photo – so I’m going to do it, right now.

Take a few seconds to enjoy, Introspection Reflection.

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