October Brings Us All Out War

October 1, 2017
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Love him or hate him, Negan’s coming back in a big, bad way. After a violent season finale, The Walking Dead returns this month with Rick and his increased allies poised to square off with the full brunt of Negan’s army. We saw the communities all pull together at the climax of last year’s explosive closing. How have the losses affected the group? Has it been offset by a rallying victory against Negan and the traitors known only as “the garbage people”? Will we get to see more of Shiva? Hopefully, chowing down on more of Negan’s men. As a follower of the long-running comic series I know we’ve entered into the All Out War storyline. This season will definitely be far more violent than the past ones, and the stakes will be much higher.

Episode 1 has been titled “Mercy” and is directed by longtime special effects guru and showrunner Greg Nicotero. It’ll be interesting to see if we jump right in at the season opener, or if we get some breathing room from the last confrontation. Either way, this year promises to be the most dangerous for the beloved group. As a reader, I’m interested to see what changes to the All Out War storyline Mr Gimple and company have thrown in.

The season opener is also the 100th episode! Andrew Lincoln teased in a thank you video to the fans, “Stay tuned, because 100’s gonna be big.”

The Walking Dead returns October 22 in the states, and October 23 in the UK.

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