Calendar Competition – November

October 5, 2017

examiner November

Autumn is in full-force and everything is dead. Or is it really? Well, yes, in a literal sense – for the most part, at least – but in an aesthetically pleasing sense, the earth couldn’t be more alive. The air is cold and callous, and this is reflected by the cooler hues present in the evening skies; but at the same time there’s a hint of tender transition, in between the warm grasp of summer and the brutal grip of winter.

Pretty in purple, I think, captures a very specific part of the essence of autumn – a decaying landscape in the prettiest fashion. Clearly, though much of the life has started to crumble and fade at the seams (or branches, rather), a lot still survives, though the bright and blooming hues of summer are gone – but the aura of autumn has such subtle beauty and life to offer.

JANUARY is available to vote on over at the Examiner website, and Manpreet’s submission has made it into the finalists as one of few to be selected as the potential winner by you, the public. Why not head on over and have a browse of the five finalists and vote for your favourite?

Well, would you look at that? The year is almost over. Take a trip down memory lane:

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