The Punisher Panel Gets Punished In Wake of Tragedy

October 5, 2017
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The announcement sure to split fans and start fires on social media was made public today. New York City Comic-Con, along with Marvel and Netflix, have agreed to pull The Punisher from the show, thus depriving the fanbase of a highly-anticipated panel and a possible release-date announcement.

The Las Vegas shooting earlier this week is being given as the reason for the abrupt cancellation. The NYCC and Marvel have said the slot will be filled with something else. Though, seeing as how as how most comic book properties these days have violence in them, that message seems a little cloudy. As more details come out we will keep you informed.

There was also a Punisher related simulcast scheduled for Paris on the same day, that has also been cancelled. Whether or not this affects the release date of the show on Netflix remains to be seen. In similar fashion, the Ryan Phillipe-led show Shooter was affected in the same way last year, in the wake of other publicized shootings.

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