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October 6, 2017
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We’ve made it. The transitional treats of autumn pave the way for the dark and daunting winter months. Or dark and divine, perhaps. As one of two seasonal extremes we’re annually faced with, winter brings a barrage of ice and stillness – everything which once was is gone; but in their respective places lay new and equally-as-flourished creations, in an entirely opposing manner to that of the warmer months.

Crossing Paths, highlights part of a giant monolith situated atop a stairway at the centre of my local park. It’s always served as a highlight and point of reference in the beautiful landscapes I so often see when taking photos, having made its way into many of my shots both as a supporting background subject or the main subject itself, as seen above.

Whilst not a traditionally winter-like image, I appreciated the cold and raw feel of the sky in the background; and, well, I thought the silhouetted cross in front of it – with a hint of reflection of light around its edges – just looked good. It also has some relevance to Christmas, which is a significant part of the December month in a lot of cultures.

And this concludes the final segment of my twelve-month calendar showcase for the Huddersfield Examiner 2018 calendar competition. I can only hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my photos and reading these pieces, and that you stick around for a bunch of more original content. I’m having some significant changes occurring in my residential situation in the next few weeks, meaning I’ll be showcasing a fresh and beautifully exciting new legion of photos. And as an inkling of the treats in store come November, I have this to say – it’s going to be very cold.

JANUARY is available to vote on until 8th October over at the Examiner website, and Manpreet’s submission has made it into the finalists as one of few to be selected as the potential winner by you, the public. Why not head on over and have a browse of the five finalists and vote for your favourite?

We’ve reached the end of the year. Reminisce on the months gone by:

January          April            July            October

February        May            August       November

March            June            September

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