McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Attempt Falls Flat!

October 9, 2017
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Any fan of Rick and Morty knows the true drive behind everything Rick Sanchez does is to get McDonald’s to bring back that sweet Szechuan sauce. Originally used as a promotion for the Disney movie Mulan, the sauce disappeared soon after. Famously now, on an episode of the brilliant Rick and Morty, Rick hilariously ranted that the sole motivation for everything he does is to bring that sauce back. Even an insect Nathan Fillion agreed to its epicness. In response to this going viral, McDonald’s brought the sauce back. Before you get too excited, this is quickly becoming an unmitigated disaster. Some restaurants have already run out and some got no sauce delivered at all. People are getting really angry with the fast-food chain. Apparently, Rick was onto something. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a purge planet situation! Maybe Rick can portal gun us in some sauce from a dimension that never stopped supplying it.

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