Recap – The Apprentice S13E3: “Robots”

October 19, 2017 (Last updated: October 22, 2017)
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Episode Title: “Robots”

Episode No.: 3

Network: BBC

Air Date: October 18, 2017


What happened?

For the third week in a row, neither team deserved to win. In fact, it could be argued that the team that was more shambolic won. This week Alan Sugar went for the technology angle and asked both teams to program, brand and sell a robot. Due to the men losing drastically each week so far, Sugar sent over Michaela to project manage and Jade led the women’s team. Once, again these business experts delivered nothing deserving £250,000 of Lord Sugar’s investment. Sugar also called himself The Terminator, which made me sick in my mouth a little. One thinks a little too highly of himself.

What did the teams do?

It was quite a strange approach as both teams went for opposite target markets. Michaela’s team opted for the over-60s demographic whilst underhandedly offending those above that age; a robot that reminds you to pop your medication and do certain yoga exercises to get the blood flowing. Jade’s team went for the young children demographic, with educational functionalities. On paper, both ideas were not outlandish, but the usual blunders occurred that makes me wonder how these people survive at life.

What blunders?

Let’s start with the blunder of the week. How can Michaela’s team spend the entire day with a design programming team calling the robot Jeffrii to then rename the branding Siimon before pitching to reputable retailers? How? It baffles me the lack of communication that occurs on this show. A quick phone call to say, “By the way, the robot says Jeffrii” may have been a good idea. The second, less obvious blunder was Elizabeth yet again doing the most offbeat approaches by asking the robot creators if there is any way of coding it differently in the future. I mean, if you really want to convince a company that you are the team to sell their product to, show some enthusiasm and do not over complicate the situation.

Anything else?

The women really need to calm down. It was frankly embarrassing to watch them all argue amongst each other. My prediction is that as soon as the women lose, Elizabeth is out of the door. She causes the most unnecessary tension that should not be permitted in simple business tasks. And that’s all these tasks are – simple. I feel I repeat myself each week but how are these people entrepreneurs? So far, the tasks this year are far from complicated. Make a burger, make a hotel room look nice and make a robot saleable. The first task, one team did not sell burgers at lunchtime; the second task, both teams created unusable hotel rooms; and the third task, well, they proved that maybe the younger generation may not all be that savvy when it comes to technology. Honestly, what is The Apprentice providing this year to convince the British people that business intellect is improving in this country? The answer is they are doing nothing. When one team have to painstakingly remove their branding because it makes absolutely no sense before the next retail meeting, it shows that the quality has reduced significantly this season. I know what you are thinking – could you do it? Well, I would at least not call Jeffrii Siimon, that’s an error that is almost childish.

Who got fired?

Elliot. He created his own downfall by trying to talk himself out by fabricating stories that were different to what actually happened. He surely thought as a real-life barrister that he could weasel his way out of a sticky situation, but claiming he did everything when he actually did nothing was never going to end well.


Candidate of the week?

You cannot be serious.

Keep watching?

The thing I used to like about The Apprentice is that despite the obvious fact that there are always idiots in the process, there was always one or two genuine credible candidates that would impress you by at least the second week. There used to be talks of “dark horses” and “sure winners”. This season and last has shown that it is now officially a circus, and if I was not assigned to recap this entire season, I would have given up by now.

Let’s see if anyone pulls the rabbit from the hat or I will be getting grumpier with each week.

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