Recap – The Apprentice S13E4: “Stadium Sales”

October 25, 2017 (Last updated: October 31, 2017)
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Episode Title: “Stadium Sales”

Episode No.: 4

Network: BBC

Air Date: October 25, 2017

What happened?

Where do I start? I would first like to confirm that I feel insulted. Does the BBC really think I am falling for this crap? As well as this episode confirming that once again these candidates are dimwits, the show is evidently proud on implementing a circus. This is no longer The Apprentice. I do not know what it is.

Are you okay?

I’m okay. This week it was not the candidates that annoyed me, although once again some comical blunders did occur. It was the task. This week it was stadium sales. They had to sell a box to a client and set up a stall outside at Wembley Stadium for the Women’s FA Cup Final. For both teams, Lord Sugar ensured that both clientele were as awkward as possible. Both sets of clients wanted the best hospitality package on a non-hospitality package budget. He is setting them up to fail, not to succeed. If any of you are aware of prices at Wembley, they are extortionate. Hospitality packages are not cheap. This is what The Apprentice has become. It is now a show that revels in its own glory by putting “business people” on a pedestal waiting for them to fall. The older seasons put together tasks that were logical enough to tackle. The weakest were soon found out and the stronger candidates sustained momentum until the very end. Are there any strong candidates this season? Unless I am blind I cannot name one yet.

Okay, what actually happened?

Some events were blunders, some were so toe-curlingly embarrassing that I honestly looked away from the screen. Andrew Brady was the project manager of the men’s team and Siobhan managed the women. It could be argued that it is not split by female/male as Lord Sugar is slowly but surely merging them all together. To absolutely no surprise whatsoever, both teams had no handle on this task. Delivering at Wembley could not even inspire them.

The biggest blunder of the week?

Easily the biggest blunder this week was Andrew’s team providing only water to the pregnant woman for their client. A very close second was Siobhan giving Bushra the task of dealing with alcohol sales even when she announced that she does not drink booze nor understand it. These catastrophic mistakes do not feel feasible at all. Is it staged? Would you give someone with no understanding of cars the task of showcasing them? No. These candidates are not business people, are they? The BBC have created one big troll. Send them to Big Brother or something.

Were there any funny moments?

I’m clutching at straws here. I guess the funniest moment is when the men’s team decided to only have 7 canapés for 14 people. Do you know what a canapé is? Imagine entering a corporate event and sharing a single canapé with someone else. Thirsty for alcohol but worried about your impending hunger.

Candidate of the week?

How was the boardroom?

I have not seen Lord Sugar this impatient and angry in a while. The men won for the first time whilst the women shouted at each other in the boardroom. To my delight, Elizabeth ended up in the shooting range but because Siobhan was so s**t as a project manager, she ruined it for all of us and got herself fired. Lord Sugar at this moment realised how bad some of these candidates are; the three that came back to the boardroom could have all been fired. Easily.

Keep watching?

For me, this is a reoccurring weekly hell as I am assigned to recap this bullshit. If you have no reason to be committed to this show then just go. Leave. Watch something else. If there is nothing else that is worthy to watch then read a book or something. Whilst you are at it, cancel your direct debits for your TV licence. The Apprentice does not deserve a single dime.

Until next time.

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