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close leaf

This post is a part of Manpreet’s on-going photography feature, Snap! To find out more about this, you can view his introductory post here.

Close-up photography – or macro photography – is something I wouldn’t say I’m very familiar with, nor equipped for. I often spend so much of my time tying to capture the details of bigger landscapes that I’ll often overlook those of smaller ones right under my nose. Whilst I may be more inclined towards a grander shot, the details of a smaller and more intricate subject are equally as infinitely wondrous, in my opinion.

This snap came to fruition when I was observing the setting sunlight hitting some nearby leaves. Catching a softer trail of said light gently piercing through the same leaves allowed for a noticeably crispy and detailed view of the detail contained within their green existence. Hitting the leaves at various angles, and with a range of intensities, small crevices and details of the astonishingly complex existence of a seemingly insignificant living entity popped to life in front of me – and I felt an instant urge to capture it.

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