Snap! Trailing For Sunsets

November 12, 2017

castle hill TP Woods..jpg

This post is a part of Manpreet’s on-going photography feature, Snap! To find out more about this, you can view his introductory post here.

Trailing For Sunsets

One of my favourite parts of photography is scoping out and exploring new locations. I’ll either deliberately go in search of new areas, or happen upon them by accident. The above snap was a bit of both. Taken in a wood near my house which I hadn’t visited since a school outing as a child, I decided to take a nostalgia-induced trip down memory lane. However, having stronger and more able legs meant I was able to have a proper look around, as opposed to following a pre-determined path with a primary school teacher at the helm.

I happened upon an open field looking out onto one of my favourite spots, Castle Hill – a particular subject I mentioned in a previous post – with a sunset overhead, containing seamlessly integrating hues of a soft and warm nature. As anyone who even slightly knows me will know, I’m a sucker for a sunset. The field, closely followed by the sky, are clearly the primary subjects here – though I’m still particularly fond of how the hill in the distance fits in between the two with ease and belonging.

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