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Episode 77 | Frozen

Movie podcast - Frozen

Movie Podcast – Frozen

This is Episode 77 of the Ready Steady Cut Movie Podcast. On this episode, we are discussing Frozen to celebrate the upcoming release of Coco.

As usual, we talk about What’s Happening At Ready Steady Cut and Trailer Talk is Rampage and Deadpool 2. Also during the show, we discuss what the listeners think of the film, discuss our favourite Disney characters and we play another game of You Can’t Beat Me! This week it is Arnold Schwarzenegger characters.

Episode Summary:

00:30 – Introduction and Episode Summary
08:18 – What’s Happening at Ready, Steady, Cut!
15:58 – Trailer Talk – Rampage and Deadpool 2
22:21 – Frozen Discussion
56:54 – Rated By You
1:03:19 – Ready Steady Cut Musings
1:10:05 – You Can’t Beat Me
1:27:08 – Next Time…On Ready, Steady, Cut!
1:28:46 – Final Comments

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