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November 20, 2017
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Film & TV News roundup

Welcome to another edition of Ready, Steady, Catch Up!, If you didn’t like the first two news roundup, well, third time’s the charm, I guess. So, it was a bit of a slow news week outside of superhero movies and people seemingly pulling male actor’s names out of a hat to show how gross they are. However, I do need to mention that going forward Ready, Steady, Catch Up! will be a list of links to articles done in the week’s past. That’s right, I’ll be providing breaking news as it happens regarding film & TV. If another male actor touched a guys butt in a Taco Bell bathroom, you’ll know right away. I promise.

Sony Double Downs on Spidey Villains, or The Living Vampire Comes to Life on Screen

In last week’s article, I mentioned my desire for more random Marvel heroes getting unneeded solo films. Sony has heard my cry and gifted us Morbius. Since they’ve given up on Spider-Man, Sony has dove into the world of villains head first with Venom, and now The Living Vampire. Will it tie in with the Spidey-verse or be stand alone? We aren’t too sure yet. Honestly, I’m just hoping for a random mash-up of villains and genres. Let’s just remake Twilight straight up except replace Edward with Morbius. I need that movie. In fact, this idea is what’s going to save the DCU: a rom-com based around Batman’s villain Granny Goodness. I’m telling you, it’s going to be a massive hit.

But really, Morbius is a great character and I’m very interested in seeing if he can stand on his own in the ever-expanding world of comic book movies. However, it is being written by the pair who brought us the not-so-great reboot of Power Rangers so I can’t blame you if you’re sceptical. We, as a collective audience, have been hurt too many times before.

An Incredible teaser


As Disney usually does these days, they decided to grace us with a new teaser for a movie people have been waiting exactly 100 years, 3 months and 17 days for. Incredibles 2! This is not a drill people! It’s here, it’s like an actual real thing and not just your dreams. Slated for release in 2018 now, Disney-Pixar decided they just want us to have everything good in our lives as soon as possible, so Incredibles 2 has swapped dates with Toy Story 4. Yup. That’s also a thing, I guess.

Anyway, the trailer gives us a quick but sweet look at Jack-Jack coming into his powers and the troubles of parenting an infant with laser beam eyes. It’s really been 13 years since the release of one of the greatest superhero films of all time, and hearing the iconic score again in this quick footage was just the cherry on top. You can check out the trailer above!

James Franco Stars As James Franco Stars as James Franco


Actually, another random comic book character getting a solo film is Multiple Man, a hero who can duplicate himself. I have to admit this has more potential than Morbius, especially since James Franco is set to star. If you remember from X-Men: The Last Stand, Eric Dane played the role of Multiple Man. Sorry for making you remember that film at all, actually. I do have higher hopes for this, as Allan Heinberg (screenwriter for Wonder Woman) will be adapting the story of Jamie Madrox. Moreover, the pair is currently working on another Fox project, The Hardy Men, which is a story of the famous Hardy Boys book series… except grown up. Genius. James and his brother Dave will be starring together.

Detective Pikachu Finds Its Leading Man


I can not even begin to explain how great this is going to be. The first ever live-action Pokemon movie will be Detective Pikachu. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Pikachu, in a stereotypical detective hat, solves crimes in the real world. And just to make it official, they’ve cast Justice Smith of Netflix’s The Get Down fame. Rob Letterman is set to direct, who is also attached to Dungeons and Dragons for Warner Bros. I don’t care how bad this is as long as Danny DeVito voices Pikachu. Make it happen.

Wonderful News for Wonder Woman 2

As Gal Gadot announced, she won’t be part of the sequel if Brett Ratner is a part of the project in some way. However, she is still attached to the product, and the studio announced that it has been moved ahead 6 weeks as to avoid Star Wars Episode 9 in 2019. It’s not hard to imagine why they want to steer clear of the franchise juggernaut. This often happens when studios want to make as much money as possible for their big budget project. Plus, if given the choice, I would choose the Star Wars trilogy finale over Wonder Woman any single day of the week. If I had a funeral? Star Wars. If I had an anniversary dinner? You better believe I’m walking into that theatre. This is not hard, people.

So, that’s it for last week, going forward you’ll be getting articles daily from myself and the team. Thanks as always for reading!

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