Recap | The Apprentice S13E8: “Doggy Business”

November 22, 2017 (Last updated: November 27, 2017)
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What Happened?

Bear in mind, this is week 8. Also, bear in mind that so far no candidate has made any impact worth sticking around for. Each week I have forced myself to the couch, trying to find any justification to keep on recapping The Apprentice. You may have to sit down. We finally have an episode worth talking about.

No, this cannot be happening?

Oh, it is. Week 8 was not perfect but it at least had a task where it forced the teams to think. We are at the tail end of this season which means – business time.

Dogs. Lots of them. “Doggy Business” provided a good mix of objectives that gave a task worth watching. Both teams had to provide dog services to dog lovers. This was an obvious task to capture the hearts of audiences. Pets are a personal thing. Selling to people with pets means it attaches sensitivity. This means the so-called entrepreneurs had to sell, and sell properly. Doggy training, doggy products, poo cleaning and merchandise. This task had so much variety that it was actually hard to keep up. Charles project managed Vitality. James, for the second week in a row, bravely took the lead of team Graphene.

Any blunders in this week’s The Apprentice?

Of course. They all lack common sense, after all. If you are going to convince a dog spa to let you use their facilities, show some bloody enthusiasm for dogs. What was Joanna doing? Quick life tip: do not tell dog lovers that you do not get on with dogs. James was instantly under pressure after losing that piece of business. Instantly on the back foot due to lack of business acumen. Dreadful.

Andrew Brady and Anisa were a pair of clowns this week. Their dog poo waste service was oversold and underpaid. How could they not see that selling to an entire mansion estate to remove poo from their land ready for a wedding means one thing: more time / more money. They instead said they could do it in an unrealistic time and then they did not deliver whilst also promising an add-on – to remove bird poo as well!

Meanwhile, Charles, who I cannot stand looking at, did nothing. He ordered Michaela around like… a dog. Did he really think delegating and doing nothing was going to excite Lord Sugar? All it did was make Michaela look like a star performer

And Elizabeth in week 8?

Annoyingly, she did well. It made me dislike her even more.

So “Doggy Business” was entertaining?

Yes! It felt like the old days except the entrepreneurial pressure was watching a desperate candidate running around and picking up poo. I felt quite righteous sitting on my couch watching Lord Sugar’s servants running amok, reeking of dog smell and picking up sloppy excrement. And who does not like dogs?

Candidate of the week?

Yes, I get to use this section properly after weeks of uncertainty and barely using it at all. I am torn between Michaela and James. Michaela for impressive multi-tasking; selling, cleaning dogs, chasing candidates and scheduling whilst lazy, mousy Charles stood by. James for taking on The Apprentice head-on; becoming a project manager for two weeks in a row means he smells blood and believes he can win it. By winning this task he has put himself in the driver’s seat. He also sold pet garden cleaning at an impressive cost that made the other team look stupid. They made a measly profit from cleaning the front of a mansion estate.

By making himself the dark horse, it has to be James.

How did you like the boardroom in episode 8?

This is what The Apprentice is all about. Watching the candidates sweat and beg whilst Lord Sugar shows zero mercy. These are the moments that pull me back. A triple firing. Triple! Andrew, Anisa and Charles did not see that coming and it was a joy to watch. Lord Sugar built the entire occasion up and used his magic finger one at a time, “You’re Fired”. I could feel their souls weep with each one. Andrew took the firing quite bitterly, claiming the BBC edited it to put him in the wrong light. Okay then.

This means next week we are entering into more serious business. Fewer people. Heightened competition.

Keep watching?

If you are still here, you may as well. If The Apprentice can keep it like this to the end then we may be able to get through the final weeks.

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