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November 26, 2017 (Last updated: January 10, 2023)
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Toronto reflectionThis post is a part of Manpreet’s on-going photography feature, Snap! To find out more about this, you can view his introductory post here.

Photography – A Torrent-o Of Toronto

Hello again, and apologies for the absence as of late. As those of you keeping up with my posts may have seen, I’ve been annoyingly dropping hints at upcoming changes in my living situation. Drum roll, please…Manpreet moved to Canada! That’s right, I can now make awkward eye contact with everyone and anyone I walk past, and they’ll actually potentially glance a smile my way.

I landed and spent a few days in Toronto, and despite having only spent a few days in the city I developed an instant connection with it. Towering skyscrapers on either side of never-ending avenues, beautiful architecture and a generally wonderful combination of both natural and man-made structures – I was sad to leave. Another drum roll, please…Manpreet is now living at a ski resort! That’s right, I can now fulfil my dream of falling down a snowy hill and breaking my legs so I never have to leave the house and embarrass myself again.

I’ve already taken approximately a shitload of photos, but here’s the first one I’ve edited thus far. I was gleeful when I came across this spot – the reflection, in particular, caught my eye straight away, and I couldn’t stop taking photos from a myriad of angles. This is one of my favourites. Enjoy, feel free to share, and stick around for more.

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