Snap! Niagara | Fall-owing The Rainbow

Niagara Rainbow.

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Photography – Niagara Falls – Fall-owing The Rainbow

During my time in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. It was genuinely breathtaking. I went on one of those touristy-as-heck sightseeing tours. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. The tour guide was a classic Canadian who spoke for the entire 2 hours that it took to get there via coach. Whilst that sounds awful and usually my idea of a nightmare, he was genuinely comical and offered random facts and stories along the way. Also, apparently it’s pronounced Torrono, even though there’s definitely a second T near the end. That’s coming from someone from Yorkshire.

The tour consisted of seeing the falls alongside a shitty rendition of Blackpool opposite it, as well as the Niagara escarpment, before going to a beautiful little town not too far away. And there was also a wine-tasting session at the end of it. All for $55. Bargain.

Sounds like a great day!

Though we had a reasonable amount of time at the falls and surrounding areas, I could have happily spent the day. Mesmerising views from every angle and areas so quaint and scenic that I felt like I was actually in a postcard. It was a day well spent. I also opted for the boat ride for an additional $26 which gets up close and personal with the waterfalls. It’s highly recommended. I literally ran back and forth getting pictures whilst trying to make it back to the coach on time. So stick around for more Niagara-based shots.

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