Tarantino’s Charles Manson-Themed Movie Gets A Release Date

December 3, 2017
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Tarantino - Charles Manson Movie

It’s actually official

It is now official, Quentin Tarantino’s new film based on recently deceased Charles Manson has a release date. Albeit an incredibly insensitive one. The yet unnamed movie is slated to be released August 9th, 2019. This also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the death of actress Sharon Tate. Sharon Tate was a victim of the Manson murders, so this date has some people calling for a change.

What about the release date of Tarantino’s latest movie?

I’m not one to shy away from voicing an opinion and I really wanted to get my thoughts in order before just bursting them out into the world. That all being said, I can see the sentiment and Tarantino’s meaning behind it. I also think it’s really off the mark.

Of course, the date is significant, but a movie that will surely profit from scenes of her death (assuming they are even in there) is gross at best. I have seen some tweets mention that Quentin will glorify the violence and the killer himself by being over the top. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Keep in mind this hasn’t been confirmed to be an official biopic and he has absolutely no issue with changing history to tell his story ( i.e. Inglorious Basterds and Hitler). You also have to remember one major, and often forgot, detail in his films. They all share a universe.

Ah, I see where you are going with this.

The movies with over the top violence and unrealistic amounts of blood etc, such as Kill Bill, go in his “Movie’s Movie” universe. This sounds ridiculous I know but bear with me. The Movie’s Movie universe is made up of movies that characters in his more realistic movies, such as Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, would watch. Hence why they are so over the top as opposed to his more realistic approach to the regular movie universe.

And if the Charles Manson movie is really violent?

What’s more, if the murder scenes are violent? Well, that shouldn’t be a shock to anybody. Manson is one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. The guy is evil incarnate, and even that might be an understatement. He certainly didn’t break into these peoples’ homes and offer them tea and lock them in a room until they died peacefully of old age. Of course, they were violent. I do, however, agree with the statement that we shouldn’t glorify serial killers. I believe Manson goes above that and it’s a story that has a right to be told.

Anything else about the Charles Mansion film?

We honestly have no information other than a release date at this point to truly form an opinion, so let’s all take a collective rational approach to this one. We don’t know who is cast or even what side of the story this will tell. What we do know is that Quentin Tarantino can take a touchy subject and turn it into something great. I just truly hope he changes the release date.

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