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December 5, 2017
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Disney fights back for Fox

The System goes online December 2017. Human decisions are soon removed from corporate control. Disney begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware next week, and in a panic humans try to pull the plug…

Disney Fights Back…

So they aren’t Skynet. We get that. Maybe. However, they may have pulled off a move that could have us guessing if we missed the signs of the coming conglomerate apocalypse. According to sources and CNBC financial reports, Disney and Fox are closing in on a massive deal around the total of $60 billion as soon as next week. Let me say that number again…

$60 Billion.

Fox would sell their movie and television production assets and keep its news and broadcast network. Disney would then own the assets to Fox’s A&E network, Star, movie studios, and financial stakes in Sky and Hulu among many other properties.

I know this financial talk can be kind of confusing so let’s approach this like the normal populace.

These talks began in early November with reports saying Fox was favoring Disney over other suitors. The empire’s drive to buy Fox is fueled by a big statement… Regaining ALL the rights to the Marvel Comics characters including the X-Men and Fantastic Four. (We’re still waiting for Sony to give up Spider-man.) Ultimately there could be a Fantastic Four Marvel movie, an Avengers vs X-Men crossover movie (read the comic), the possibilities are endless. Disney will also use this deal to help boost their digital streaming service that will be coming in 2019.

The merger will not happen until next week, but people will know this is when it went down. This is when Disney became self-aware.

Check back next week for more info!

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