Recap | The Apprentice S13E10: “Fashion Show”

December 7, 2017 (Last updated: December 10, 2017)
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Apprentice - week 10 - Fashion Show

The Apprentice UK Season 13 Week 10

Title Fashion Show
Season 13
Episode 10
Air Date December 6, 2017

What Happened?

The Apprentice is heating up. Last week was disastrous for both teams in terms of the task yet it was thoroughly entertaining. Despite the poor start, season 13 looks to be ending strongly. It is business time. Week 10 means a lot. Whoever stays in the process has to endure The Interviews, which I look forward to every year.

Anyway, for episode 10 the candidates were asked to be fashion agents selling garments to designers. This surely cannot go wrong, can it? There must be a stand out performer in week 10…

Did it all go wrong?

I think this is the first week where both teams showed common sense. Or it could be that the candidates understand what is at stake. Getting to the interviews is the target from the start. It must have been at the back of their minds.

This was the most difficult task so far. I cannot imagine anything more judgemental than the fashion industry, so it unsurprisingly showcased hard sells. Joanna gladly opted to be project manager of Graphene because of her own experiences whilst Jade reluctantly took the mantle for Vitality. Meanwhile, Harrison blamed women for his lack of contribution.

What was Harrison playing at in week 10?

I think for week 10 Harrison completely forgot where he was. Graphene was tasked to do business with women’s fashion whilst Vitality were given men’s. Due to the fact that he is male, Harrison dissolved himself from all important responsibilities. “I am not a woman so you are best selling it”. “I know nothing about women’s fashion so best if you lead in that”.

Did he really think that would slide after 10 grueling weeks? Like Lord Sugar would give him a pass. It is okay Harrison, you are a man, have a week off. That week off actually came true.

Okay, enough about Harrison, how did the team Vitality do in “Fashion Show”?

Everything was a journey to the catwalk. Securing a deal with a fashion agent, securing a sponsor, organizing the catwalk and then selling a collection.

Jade clearly wobbled in this task as she was completely out of her comfort zone. Not only did she fluff the opportunity to secure a good commission deal, she also got the branding name wrong. This really annoyed the brand designer which I feel caused Jade’s nervous performance at the catwalk presentation.

When it came to the selling, Jade and Sarah did okay. Harrison did nothing and proved he did not deserve a place in The Apprentice. Vitality overall was quite lackluster.

Okay, and team Graphene?

There was a clear strategy by Lord Sugar to put the strongest team against the weakest. It came to fruition in “Fashion Show”. Graphene’s candidates are the clear frontrunners for the investment. They worked really well together, however I must point out that Elizabeth clearly crossed the line with the male models. Did she really measure their legs and “unintentionally” touch their genital areas? Endorsed by Michaela of course. This seemed completely unacceptable and sleazy.

Anyway, James and Joanna got on like a house on fire. James clearly thinks way too much of himself as he decided to be one of the models. He thought he was the star of the show and it was apparent that he forgot the purpose of The Apprentice. The mirror became his friend.

Is Elizabeth still a control freak?

Yes! Even when she was casting the models she wanted to initiate control. Her methods are unbearable and when she was directing the catwalk it was overly regimented and too complicated for what it is meant to be. I cannot imagine Lord Sugar wanting to work with her. She is not going to win, surely?

Candidate of the week?

Joanna holds the torch easily this week. She secured a good commission with the support of James, she chose a good design and despite not securing a sponsor, commercially she knew exactly what she was doing with the brand and the sales. She surprised us this week. Joanna finally impressed but is it too late? The interviews will be the measure of that.

What about the boardroom?

Lord Sugar cannot mess about at this stage of The Apprentice as it is business time. This showed in “Fashion Show”.

Michaela appeared very fed up when she was questioned by Sugar. I think she is a contender but she looked quite irked every time she was questioned.

Obviously, Graphene won. Their business model was by far more attractive, however, both teams offered a good throw of the dice in terms of brand and approach this week. Unfortunately, Vitality lacked the motivation and it was no surprise that Lord Sugar got rid of two of them.

Harrison was predictably fired. I was not expecting Sarah to stay and Jade to go. It must be said that Lord Sugar was thinking about the viability of the business cases because Jade has clearly contributed more to this process than Sarah.

Who do you reckon is going to win season 13 of The Apprentice?

I’m really struggling. My heart says James. My mind says Elizabeth, which makes me sick.

Keep watching?

The Apprentice has gotten stronger after week 7. You may as well stay now. Oh, and it is The Interviews next week which is definitely the best part of every season.

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