Ranked by our Critics | Worst Movies of 2017

December 30, 2017
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Alice Field

Critic note: pleased to say I did not watch many bad films this year.

8 – Redwood

Worst Movies of 2017

Nice direction, but poor writing and acting.

7 – Carnivore, Werewolf of London

Worst Movies of 2017

Looked like it was going to be a scary, serious horror; but it was laughable at best. More sex than violence!

6 – Suburbicon 

Worst Movies of 2017

Dreadfully muddled film.

5 – Wonder Woman

Worst Movies of 2017

Nice to have a strong female superhero, but that doesn’t excuse the sexism. So much sexism…

4 – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Worst Movies of 2017

Like The Dark Tower, this one looked great, but there was no spark in the characters to latch onto and the plot was strangely disjointed (possibly because of being derived from a series, rather than a single story).

3 – The Dark Tower

Worst Movies of 2017

Looked great, but not exactly exciting; and the ending didn’t make much sense.

2 – Alien: Covenant

Worst Movies of 2017

Incredibly disappointing. I am such a fan of the original film (and some of its sequels), but this one had characters I could not root for, and seemed to have forgotten some of the properties of the aliens themselves.

1 – mother! 

Horrible, horrible film. I can still hear that baby’s neck snap. How dare he entice me in expecting a home invasion thriller, and give me a religious allegory instead?

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