Brown Bag Day #1 2018

January 4, 2018
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Happy Brown Bag Day to you and yours this Wednesday! It is a brand new year and with it come a myriad of stories in the comic medium. Comics for you, mature readers, kids, grandmas and grandpas – everyone. As we kick off 2018, don’t be ashamed to read or discuss comics. Many of these stories end up being multimillion dollar movie franchises. If comics are to survive we must support them. On to the comics of the week!

Series Conclusion

The Woods #1 – 36


In October of 2013, Bay Point Prep High School in Milwaukee vanished without a trace. Vanished. As in over 500 students, teachers and faculty disappeared off of the Earth. Stranded light years away from Earth nearly outside of time and space, these 500 people find themselves in a vast Jurassic wilderness. How did they get there and how do they get home? Why are they even here?

Doesn’t that sound amazing? The Woods just wrapped up its final issue at the end of 2017 and stands near the top of complete comic stories I have read in the past few years. James Tyrion IV and Michael Dialynas have developed this deep magical story over 3 years that emotionally impacts the reader as much at its conclusion as it did in the beginning.

(This comic is rated T for Teen)

Comic Grade: [usr 4]


Extremity #10



I gushed over Extremity last year, rightfully so, and the series picks up in 2018 without a hitch. Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer at this point can do no wrong as Thea’s tale evolves with each turn of the page. While the last issue was about the cost of leadership as well as personal loss, this issue dives into Thea and her sibling’s growing concern over what family means now in this desolate land of warring tribes. This issue is a must-read for fans of the series wanting another peek into the lives of those affected by the clan wars. Plus, that cliffhanger!

(This comic is rated T for Teen)

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

DC Comics:

Batman #38



How do you write another issue after Batman #37? I have no idea, but it seems as though Tom King will write until there are no ideas left. Issue #37 dives into the secret origin of the caped crusader Batman and a peek into the dark mind of some of his most sinister villains. (If DC proceeds with this Matthew Reeves cinematic Batman movie more focused on Batman’s detective skills, USE THIS VILLAIN.) This issue leans into the motive and the drive behind Batman, as well as the line that separates him from the criminals. This is a very dark, brooding, and deep issue. Very good, but very solemn read.

(This comic includes graphic violence)

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Superman #38



The Penultimate piece in DC’s “Super Sons of Tomorrow” arc, Superman #38 sees the Future Dick Grayson remake himself into the Savior. Brandishing a new name as well as a gun, Dick Grayson’s Savior is a man with one goal in mind. In order to save the future, he must eliminate Superboy and anyone else who stands in his way. We meet the Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman of tomorrow as they race to stop the Savior before he completes his task. Superboy and Robin team up with Teen Titans and this issue brings laughs as well as action splash pages galore. Tomasi and Gleason at it again!

Comic Grade: [usr 3.5]

Marvel Comics:

Rise of the Black Panther #1



Rise of the Black Panther is written by Evan Narcisse and Ta-Nehisi Coates. You’ve seen Black Panther in Civil War and loved his character, but don’t know much about his story? This is a perfect place to start and a great time to learn more about the next Marvel Cinematic Hero’s solo movie. The moniker Black Panther is not his name, but a title. His country, Wakanda, is hidden from the modern world. A city of technological advancements as well as the location that houses Vibranium, the metal that encases Captain America’s shield. This issue is the building blocks of the entire Black Panther lore and encapsulates the Wakandan spirit as well as the rise of the Wakandan empire.

Comic Grade: [usr 4.7]

Storm King:

John Carpenter’s: Tales of Science Fiction – Vortex #1-3




Let’s take John Carpenter’s The Thing, merge the story with Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus (all of the good parts) and you get Storm Kings’ newest comic, Vortex, written by Mike Sizemore and Dave Kennedy. The Vortex series is based on a story by John Carpenter and Sandy King. As a sucker for science fiction and horror, this comic is delivering every two weeks. Stop me when you’ve heard this one before. Spaceships find an unmanned spaceship with the entire crew dead or missing, and extract something that troubles everyone. Does it reinvent the sci-fi/horror wheel? No, but it leans into that genre as only John Carpenter can, to deliver disturbing horror and incredible cliffhangers that leave fans craving more. Think of it this way: if you visit your favorite pizza spot and they constantly give you great pizza that you love, if you’re in the mood for pizza one day, you remember what’s comfortable and what you like. Pick up Vortex 1 and let us know if you like it!

Have I missed any comics that you loved this week? Comment down below and let me know! I’ll be sure to give them a read.

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