Snap! Snow Much Snow

January 6, 2018

Snow Much Snow

snow bench

This post is a part of Manpreet’s on-going photography feature, Snap! To find out more about this, you can view his introductory post here.

Photography – Snow Much Snow

Yesterday, the total amount of snow accumulated at The Blue Mountain ski resort reached an impressive two meters. After a shopping trip which resulted in me becoming encumbered by waist-high snow whilst trying to take a shortcut to Wal-Mart, I can confirm this is. Indeed, no exaggeration.

Okay. So maybe try not to die.

Since having arrived at Snow Central, I’ve spent a good portion of my free time taking photos. I was fortunate enough to have one of them used as part of Blue Mountain’s social media output. The above photo – taken just around the corner from my place of residence – was used in Blue’s latest update to highlight the amount of snowfall we currently have at the resort. What attracted me to this frame the most was how soft and untouched the snow looked, combined with the subtle details brought out within it by the setting sun above the hills in the distance.

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