Brown Bag Day #2

January 11, 2018
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You know what time it is! Time for our comics of the week. Several books are starting new arcs and this is a perfect time to hop into a few of your favorite character’s books, as well as your favorite publisher. This week marks a rare “light” week in solid choices so be sure to pick up all 3 selections. Let’s get started with Avengers #675.


Avengers #675

The latest issue of Avengers is a perfect starting place. It can seem daunting to start a series when a large number like 675 is attached, but this issue is specifically created to start a new storyline entitled “No Surrender”. Avengers #675 helps to identify more than one group of Avengers, as well as depict the cinematic Marvel Avengers that we know and hold dear. This storyline brings heavy talent from different corners of Marvel comics with Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub all writing within the “No Surrender” storyline. In this issue, we meet almost 50 superheroes in every corner of the globe identifying and rallying to help stop one global threat. What is the threat? Stay tuned for next week’s issue. Avengers, ASSEMBLE!

Comic Grade: [usr 3.5]

Mr. Miracle #1-6

If you have not been reading Mr. Miracle by Tom King, then you honestly need to stop reading this article and read all 6 issues up to this point. Last year I pointed out that while Scott Snyder’s run on Batman was great, Tom King’s run on Batman up to this point is legendary. Legitimately legendary writing unfolding in DC because of him. His project before Batman? The Vision, which was comic of the year, and is receiving a collector’s omnibus (large collected volume).

Next on his list? Mr. Miracle. How do you develop a “superhero” whose powers basically revolve around him being Houdini? How do you balance that with real family drama? Parents, children, enemies, life itself is written into Tom King’s Mr. Miracle, which makes Mr. Miracle truly a step in a new direction for superhero comics.

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Old Man Hawkeye #1


Ladies and Gentlemen, have we got a new series for you. Based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s bloody, brutal, and gritty Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye is set as a prequel to the world in Old Man Logan. Before Logan and Hawkeye’s team up, OM Hawkeye begins with familiar faces and places to those who are avid marvel comic readers and brings us a story that will ultimately weave and lead into Old Man Logan. Great first issue, is almost on par with the violence in Millar’s Old Man Logan, and this is just issue one. I have got to keep my eye on this one.

Comic Grade: [usr 4.5]

Have any comics you want us to check out? Be sure to leave a comment containing your suggestion, as well as any comic books arcs you want to see. Until next time!

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