Snap! Horsin’ Around

January 11, 2018 (Last updated: January 12, 2018)
Horsin' Around

Horsin’ Around


This post is a part of Manpreet’s on-going photography feature, Snap! To find out more about this, you can view his introductory post here.

Horsin’ Around

As I was walking through the village, glove-laden hands aggressively tucked into my pockets despite them being uncomfortably thick ski gloves, I peered around atop my soft snood, wondering how others were coping with the cold. Why anybody would subject themselves to this numbing ice-fest, myself included. That’s when I happened to come upon this pair of exquisite equines.

Neigh-dless to say they were probably cold.

As I moved in a little closer and observed frosty formations beginning to spread on their periphery gear it got me thinking about the climate. Not only the effect it has on different beings but also how other animals, aside from humans, are particularly adapted to certain types of weather. Or not adapted in some cases, even. I’d like to think these horses – used as part of a family-oriented horse and wagon ride for visitors to the resort – are able to withstand the harsher drops in temperature more reasonably than I.

What particularly caught my eye about this snap – and the situation as a whole – was the clearly visible condensation from the horses’ exhalations. I’ve always found this indication of cold weather to be an especially eye-catching one, personally.

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