Snap! All Icy Is Deep Snow

January 15, 2018

Snap! All Icy Is Deep Snow

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All Icy Is Deep Snow

I miss the soft snow. Currently, I slip on a patch of ice roughly two-to-three times a day; multiply those three seconds of slipping time a day by seven, means I waste roughly twenty-one seconds a week being in a semi-terrified state – and, for any So Solid Crew fans among us, I hope you enjoyed the unplanned reference there. On the plus side, though, I’ve now become a connoisseur of walking along icy surfaces; or maybe of masking and styling out slipping – we’ll never know.

I got twenty-one seconds to flow, I got twenty-one seconds to snow

A sudden increase in temperature and rainfall meant slush and ice being rife around the resort. Fortunately, it stopped pissing it down with rain during our momentary shift to summer and started snowing again, with the snow once again beginning to settle. With weather more inconsistent than my mental state, the icy patches are beginning to lose power as each day progresses, though walking to and from work can still be a piece of work in itself. Here’s a shot back from when the snow was piling high and life felt like a soft stroll among weightless clouds. Deep, cumbersome clouds.

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