Brown Bag Day #3

January 18, 2018
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Welcome back to our weekly comic reviews! 2018 is off to a fast start and this week was a strong week for comics, including a rather emotional Superman V4 #39. Read up on our selections this week and head over to your local comic store and support the comic medium.

Time to Catch Up!

Kill or Be Killed #1 – 18


Imagine a life in which you are visited by a demon. The only way to get rid of the demon is to kill someone once a month for the foreseeable future. How do you judge who should be killed? How do you do it? Can you keep this up forever? These are the questions that run through a reader’s mind on this wild ride written by Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips. This comic is so good, that a film adaptation is on the near horizon expected to land somewhere in 2019. Take the time now to catch up on this thrill ride!

(WARNING: This comic is graphic in nature and is intended for MATURE audiences)

Comic Score: [usr 4.5]

DC Comics

Superman V4 #39


Last year, the comic audience received arguably the comic issue of the year in the last month, with Tom King’s Batman #37. This year, we were blessed to only wait 2 weeks. The lead front-runner for the issue of the year is Superman #39 by the duo of Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi. In this issue, Gleason and Tomasi lean into the early “campy” nostalgic era of Superman and deliver an adventure that will bring a tear to every eye in the room. Superman teams up with the Justice League to visit children and give them a day they will never forget. In a landscape where many comic arcs are dealing with calamities and natural disasters, this issue stands out as the catalyst for how superheroes and super-heroines inspire and bring hope on a daily basis. (Have a box of tissues handy.)

Comic Grade: [usr 5] (Seriously, pick this book up now and read it with your kids, significant others, pets, family, etc. You will be glad you did)

Batman V3 #39

Batman #38 dove into the Batman lore and what makes Bruce Batman. Issue #39 picks back up with the Batman-Catwoman engagement storyline (yes, they’re engaged now) after the double date and delivers a story many fans from the old televised Justice League program desire. And yet, the feelings have become confused. Therein lies Tom King’s writing ability. Batman and Wonder Woman must fight, together, alone, which brings to light one of the firsts tests of the Bat-Cat marriage, the possibility of infidelity. Yeah, you would have never thought that sentence would have applied to Batman, not back then or in the future. King strikes again.

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Marvel Comics

Avengers #676


I am not a fan of retconning. Especially when it’s done very hastily to make sure new audiences are confused. Avengers #677 needs to start setting things in motion, or people will be very upset. Avengers #675 and #676 have both been introductory books in this storyline, re-introducing Voyager, introducing The Black Order, and some veiled character development, but at this point, there has been an awful amount of bickering between Avengers. If they are not careful, this could turn into a comic version of Warner Brother’s theatrical Suicide Squad.  We all know how that turns out. One of the saving graces of this issue is the artwork by Pepe Larraz. Pick it up Marvel, let’s get on with the story!

Comic Grade: [usr 3]

Legendary Comics

Pacific Rim Aftermath #1


Listen, many times comic adaptations, sequels, prequels, or story “gap-fillers” of movies don’t translate well, or read very well, at all. I was a sucker for the first Pacific Rim. Is it The Revenant, Spotlight, The Post, or Moonlight? Of course not. However, if I’m in the mood for a popcorn rock-em-sock-em robot/monster action movie, there is no other outlet than Pacific Rim. The sequel to Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Uprising, releases in two short months, and Legendary’s comic division is attempting to bridge the gap between the original and the sequel with a limited series comic run to provide backstory and information leading to the sequel. Guess what? This one actually works. This comic introduces some intriguing story elements that hopefully will be included in the movie to some degree. One can hope. Ultimately, fans of Pacific Rim should keep their eye on this one.

Comic Grade: [usr 3.5]

Pick up any comics that we missed? Comment down below, let us know, and we’ll check them out! Until next time, curl up with a good COMIC and keep the medium alive!

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