Ranked | Top 10 Contemporary Found-Footage Films

Top 10 Contemporary Found-Footage Films

According to Wikipedia, “Found footage is a fictional film subgenre in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings. The events on screen are typically seen through the camera of one or more of the characters involved, often accompanied by their real-time, off-camera commentary…”

Contrary to what many people assume, these aren’t just horror films (though the technique does lend itself well to that genre). There are science fiction (e.g. Cloverfield, Europa Report) and crime (e.g. Man Bites Dog, Alone with Her) found footage films, for example. But yes, they’re mostly horror. And I enjoy them – I guess because of how easily suspension of disbelief takes place if the film is done well – and I keep finding more! So when Ready, Steady, Cut asked for a ranked article, I offered to write about found footage films straight away.

Thing is… If I were to tell you about the best found footage films, well there are so many to choose from, but it will probably be a list made up of famous films you’ve seen (or at least heard of) already. You know, stuff like The Blair Witch Project, [REC], and Paranormal Activity. So I decided to give you my favourites from the last ten years: this will be a list of films that stand on their own (no sequels or remakes) that will be a great introduction to the genre; high quality, and a fairly broad range of styles and content.

So here goes…

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Alix Turner

Alix has been writing for Ready Steady Cut since November 2017. They cover a wide variety, including genre festivals, and especially appreciates wit and representation on screen.

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