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2. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit


2005 saw everybody’s favourite inventor and dog duo make the leap from television to the cinema. Now, there’s not exactly a great track record of TV favourites making the move to the big screen. Thankfully, Wallace and Gromit managed to successfully make the jump.

Wallace and Gromit have turned their hands (and paws) to the pest control business (Anti-Pesto) with a humane way to take care of any unwanted visitors. Their business is absolutely booming in the run up the village’s annual Giant Vegetable Competition. They’re fast running out of space to keep all of the rabbits that they’ve humanely caught. In fact Wallace’s house is absolutely filled to the rafters with rabbits.

In order to solve their impending rabbit crisis, Wallace decided to invent a device to brainwash rabbits into forgetting about their love of vegetables. What could go wrong? Well, for one thing, a rabbit ends up being attached to Wallace’s head. Then, coincidentally that night there are a lot of reports from the villagers of a mysterious were-rabbit ravaging their vegetables. Everything unfolds in typical Wallace and Gromit fashion, with slapstick humour and some fun set pieces, and most importantly everyone has a lovely time.

The animation is absolutely superb. It feels like some of the best stuff that Aardman have ever done. Everything just oozes charm. The story itself relies on a lot of well-worn horror cliches that piece together beautifully to make a warm, comforting and most importantly endlessly entertaining romp.

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a wonderful film. It’s jam-packed with great jokes and action sequences that are tremendous fun. However, it never sacrifices the plot at the expense of a cheap laugh. Everything in there feels totally earned and completely fits with the world they’ve created. This film is a fantastic example of a family film that is so much more and is more than capable of keeping the entire family happy.

Oliver Buckley

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