Brown Bag Day #6

February 8, 2018 (Last updated: last month)
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This was a very good week for comics. Extremity #11 came back, and Image has given us two new stories that you don’t want to miss. On to the comics!

Image Comics

Days of Hate #1


Image comics has always been one of the few publishers to consistently push the envelope as far as storytelling and original ideas. This comic is no different. With a very sharp front cover as well as a quote from Steve Bannon, of all people, this story is a dense, intriguing run about the possible dystopian future of America, based upon the people in power, as well as those who support that mindset. Yeah, heavy. People getting burned for their sexual orientation, Nazism that’s no longer secretive, and an almost Richard Spencer-esque approval of the purification of the United States. At its heart lies a detective story, and the first issue starts out with a bang. Literally. Keep these comics at the front of your list. Written by Ales Kot, Danijel Zezejj, and Jordie Bellaire.

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1


This is a world in which superheroes do not exist. There is no Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America: there is only Nick Wilson. A superhero who in an instant lost his powers. Nick Wilson now is jumping from job to job trying to make ends meet by any means necessary while all around him, he is reminded of what he once was. This fallen “hero” is unsure of the purpose of his life, as well as his next step. This is a great “fresh air” comic. Often times comics are saturated with superheroes that are larger than life. Image comics bring us a superhero who has fallen from grace and just wants to smoke weed and be left alone like the majority of us. Written by Gordetsky, Andreyko, and Sadowsk.

Comic Grade: [usr 3.5]

Extremity #11 *Comic of the Week*

Extremity_11-1.pngExtremity never fails to disappoint. Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer have created a superb comic that seems to get better every issue. It may seem that each issue that is released, it is then my turn to heap unconditional praise on Extremity, and that would be nice if Image paid me for it. But it’s not the case, and this comic is beyond good. In Issue #11, all hell breaks loose and the pages of art that contain the gory battles are incredible. This story has been accelerating to this climax, and Issue #11 leaves a fantastic cliffhanger that will carry over into Issue #12. The art, the story, the characters, the emotions, all run high as this issue closes. Pick it up now.

Comic Grade: [usr 4.5]

DC Comics

Batman #40


Part 4 of the “Super Friends” arc keeps the action and story going. In the previous “Super Friends” story, Batman and Wonder Woman are stuck fighting for decades. This issue picks up with that story, but more importantly, gives us an insight into Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship. As I stated before, fans of the syndicated Justice League program in the early 2000’s want Wonder Woman and the Bat together. Tom King realizes that, and basically gives the people what they want… or better yet, the explanation to why they can’t have it. King and the color artist Joelle Jones dive into the humanity of Bruce Wayne that clashes with the god that is Princess Diana.

The art in this issue is beautiful, and even more so, the story of love that fans of Batman have not seen from Bruce Wayne, possibly ever. Tom King continues to add depth and complexity to Batman with each unfolding issue, and I can not wait to see what adventures await Batman next time.

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Marvel Comics

X-Men Red #1


The third installment of the X-Men “colored” series can seem confusing to many, but may actually end up being the most well received out of all. X-Men Blue tells the story of the younger version of the X-Men, while X-Men Gold focuses on the older, more popularly known generation; the “golden age” X-Men. Confused? Yeah, you are not the only one. But for all the confusion, X-Men Red seems to stand out as a grounded story with larger reaching implications. Jean Grey is back. Yes, the Jean Grey who turned into the Phoenix and murdered nearly the entire planet, and sacrificed herself to save Earth, is back. While the world Jean has returned to is vastly different from the world she remembered, the X-Men still exist to protect the world that still fears and hate them. That hasn’t and probably won’t ever change.

This comic deals with xenophobia in a way that can spill over to reality if not careful. Tom Taylor and Mahmoud Asrar have captivated my interest and started a story that I believe will pay off tremendously.

Comic Grade [usr 3.5]

Did we forget any comics this week? Comment down below and let us know! We want to join in on the stories that you are reading. Until next time!

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