Recap & Results | 205 Live: Feb 13, 2018

February 14, 2018
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This week’s episode of 205 Live #64, was live from Bakersfield, California immediately following SmackDown Live on February 13, 2018. It featured the next first-round matches in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, including the debut of Welsh high-flier Mark Andrews.

Greetings, folks. Welcome back to the small man’s show. Drake Maverick’s Cruiserweight Championship tournament is heating up, we’re developing some little storylines in the division, and we’re being teased about one more surprise name that’ll enter the field next week. Let’s get on with the recap & results from 205 Live #64.

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Akira Tozawa vs. Mark Andrews

You can tell that WWE are pretty high on Mark Andrews, but this was a weird way to book him. The match was fine. Good, even. But the Welsh “high-flier” didn’t really get much chance to fly here. Instead, we got a lot of back-and-forth chain wrestling, submission holds, and the odd big spot that managed to temporarily excite a crowd that seemed slightly ambivalent.

I think the story of the match was the resourcefulness of Andrews; his ability to counter sequences and wear an opponent down rather than just fling himself from the top rope. It might not make for the most exciting match, but it’s a good way to develop his character long-term. I like the idea of a wrestler who never feels out of a match. Here, in what looked like a finishing sequence for Tozawa, he was able to roll through into a pinfall victory. An upset? Maybe. But the promotion has all been about Andrews in the build-up, so I don’t think so.

Result: Mark Andrews wins via pinfall.

Rating: [usr 3]

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

The story of this match was largely about Drew Gulak putting aside his tendencies to be a friendly nice guy and gradually becoming more psychopathic. It was given plenty of time – over 15 minutes – and ended up being pretty exceptional, in a grounded way that cruiserweight matchups tend not to be.

Both of these guys have an unflashy, throwback style, all power moves and stiff strikes. Nese has the bodybuilder aesthetic, but Gulak is bringing back that old-fashioned circus strongman vibe, and seeing him let loose is always fun.

That’s what made this match great – it told a story. The action was cool too, but watching Drew Gulak unravel and go nuts added something. The final sequence was almost uncomfortable. Gulak had to be forced by an official to stop slamming Nese into the announce table, and then he hit him with a giant lariat and two powerbombs before finally, almost mercifully, locking in the Dragon Sleeper.

Result: Drew Gulak wins via submission

Rating: [usr 4]


Drake Maverick lets Gentleman Jack Gallagher know that he’s unhappy with his attire. I’m not sure I buy the idea of Rockstar Spud being some kind of backstage dictator, but I’ll take it for now.

Buddy Murphy gets the call-up from NXT. And looking JACKED I might add. No wonder making the weight seemed difficult:

Final Thoughts

Another solid hour of cruiserweight action on 205 Live. Since the loss of Enzo Amore and the addition of Drake Maverick, 205 Live has been really interesting and entertaining, and with the news that Buddy Murphy has been given the call-up from NXT, it seems like the division is on the right track.

See you next week for more.