Brown Bag Day #8

February 22, 2018
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Happy Brown Bag day to all of those fans of the comic medium. We’ve got four comics this week that are worth scraping around a few dollars to pick up including Tales of Suspense #3. Let me tell you why!

DC Comics

Batman #41


My praise of Tom King turns into a weekly habit that should be a surprise to no one by now. He has proven time and time again to bring a unique and fully-fleshed approach to characters once thought to be stuck in a proverbial rut. Batman #41 is no different. After receiving Superman and Lois’ blessing as well as Wonder Woman’s, Batman and Catwoman’s engagement has hit a major bump in the road: Poison Ivy. This time, Ivy is determined to destroy the world for Bruce Wayne’s undivided attention. Written by Tom King and colored by Mikel Janin.

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Super Sons #13


Man, I have missed this duo. I promise you there are two “team-ups” that definitely need to be brought to life on the big (or small) screen. The first is the team up between Jonathan Kent, Superman’s son, and Damien Wayne, Batman’s son. One is the son of an optimistic, Kansas-raised, flag-waving, apple pie eating superhero, and the other is the son of the worlds greatest, but loneliest detective, as well as being a son to the second in command of the League of Assassins. Jonathan and Damien have started to bond on missions, but they have yet to tackle an important aspect of childhood: school. Peter Tomasi is back with Carlo Barberi as they begin the “Parent Trap” series. Great read

Comic Grade: [usr 4]

Marvel Comics

Tales of Suspense #3 *Comic of the Week*


If Jonathan Kent and Damien Wayne is the first team up that needs to be explored, then Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier needs to be the other team up. The “Red Ledger” storyline has been full of twist and turns up to this point, and leaves on a cliffhanger that questions your loyalty to some beloved Marvel characters. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Travel Foreman absolutely nail the tongue-in-cheek humour displayed between the two “heroic” styles, between an assassin and a semi-assassin who likes to wear purple. The book is beautiful, full of James Bond-esque action and investigating, and will make a fine collection once the series is complete.

Comic Grade: [usr 4.5]

Image Comics

Hit-Girl #1


Mark Millar is back everybody. Hit-Girl works, in the two movies and in the comics, due to the absurdity of the character, and in this instance, the status quo is fulfilled. With Millar’s recent Kick-A*s taking place with a brand new person under the mask, Patience Lee, Hit-Girl is now alone and in serious need of a partner that can entertain her bloodlust and carnage. First up on the list? A Columbian druglord on a death sentence that gets a second chance to work with Hit-Girl. The action in this series reminds me of the stylized, over-the-top action in Matthew Vaughn’s first Kingsman movie, yet taken to another level. The disturbing amount of blood and gore brings the character back to her normalcy. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Ricardo Lopez and John Romita Jr.

(Warning: Intended for MATURE audiences.)

Comic Grade: [usr 3.5]

Did we forget any of your favourite comics this week? Comment down below and let us know! We want to join in on the stories that you are reading. Until next week!

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