Recap | Black Lighting S1E7 – “Equinox: The Book of Fate”

March 10, 2018
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Black Lightning returns with episode seven, entitled Equinox: The Book of Fate. Jefferson Pierce ultimately learns how to deal with his super-powered daughter, and the deals made under the table in Freeland finally see the light of day. Black Lightning stars Cress Williams, China Ann McClane and Nafessa Williams.

Woah… Holy crap. There were some revelations in Equinox: The Book of Fate that I was not expecting, and I am so glad that Black Lightning decided to “go big or go home”. First, the previous episode introduced the audience to a super-powered beat down between Anissa and her own father, proving that not only does the superhero DNA run deep in the family, but will and desire to help those less fortunate does as well. We should have known from that point that Black Lightning was not going to pull any punches.

The beginning of Equinox: The Book of Fate begins with Lynn administering first aid to Anissa after her fight with Jefferson, and Anissa responding very much as a late teenager would. I love that response and comparison in this small scene. It is the super-powered version of the preteen who falls riding his bike, and his mom wants to kiss his “boo-boo”, but he doesn’t want that at all.

Anissa recovers from her super-high and is ready to take on the world as a crime-fighting father-daughter duo, but it isn’t that easy or simple. Lynn cautions Anissa to think clearly, stating her and Jefferson’s failed relationship as an example of the fallout from chasing this life.

Close by in Freeland, Gambi is approaching Jefferson and warning him again not to attack Tobias directly with violence, and once again, Jefferson ignores Gambi’s warning knowing that he can not be trusted. As we slide over to Tobias’ story, we are able to see him in action, in a cage match with a fighter that is a LITTLE bit bigger than him. Tobias proceeds to humiliate this opponent, only for him to come back angrier and angrier. Tobias realizes that the fighter was on the street drug “Green Light”. Lady Eve has been providing the streets with Green Light and Tobias comes to the realization that he can’t have customers if the drugs kill them. He decided to pay Lady Eve a “nice” visit.

Once again, Gambi meets Lady Eve in secret to go over the secrets of their “deal”. He is adamant that Tobias is getting out of control and informs Lady Eve that he must be dealt with, post haste. Tobias is making a name for himself, one thing in the drug business that will get you killed. Instead, Eve orders Gambi to take out his second in command Joey Toledo in order for Tobias to understand that he needs to “chill out”.

Gambi heads to Tobias’ club and takes out Toledo’s men to the tune of “Run The Jewels”. (This show continues to incorporate the perfect musical tone and atmosphere for the moments. Great sound editing in Equinox: The Book of Fate.) Gambi then takes out Toledo, and leaves a message for Tobias, a small gold chest filled with the ground powder of Albino bones.

As we bounce over to Jefferson and Anissa’s story, Jefferson learns that Anissa went digging for information from her grandfather’s friend David Poe, the newspaper editor, and she may have put David’s life in danger. Anissa then realizes they came after Lynn because of her snooping, and that they may go after David as well. Anissa heads to the office to find David, only to learn that he was killed in a “hit and run” accident. Anissa is devastated and Jefferson comforts her, informing her that this lesson will stick with her forever.

Jefferson learns that Joey Toledo is dead and becomes infuriated. His only lead to Tobias was now gone. There’s one clue left: the high-profile club that Tobias has been fronting. In a fit of rage, Jefferson attacks the club as Black Lightning, incapacitating many of Tobias’ henchmen, but failing to reach Tobias. He does, however, reach Tobias’ sister, and through his electric deflection powers, accidentally deflects a bullet directly into Tobias’ sister, who is the battle’s only casualty.

Yeah… That’s not good at all.

Now, at the same time that is happening, a separate attempt on Lady Eve’s life is taking place at her funeral parlor. Tobias’ men reach Lady Eve, and although she holds her own, ultimately they kill her using electrified weapons based on Black Lightning’s powers. She had her face melted off at point-blank range.

Yeah… That’s also not good at all.

Listen, folks, Equinox: The Book of Fate wasn’t even done yet! We follow the camera to a hotel to find a dead drug dealer being brought back to life. LaLa is back! He envisions LaWanda (the woman he murdered) and she dissolves into a tattoo on his chest. Please tell me he becomes the tattooed man. I know, it’s early, but a man can dream can’t he?


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