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March 27, 2018
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We’ve made it half way through Season three of Ash vs. Evil Dead now and what an end to the first half we had in Baby Proof, which aired March 25 2018. Ash vs. Evil Dead stars Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Arielle Carver-O’Neill and Lucy Lawless.

After the strongest episode of the season so far, it was nice to know Daniel Nettheim was back in the director’s chair for this one. He delivered another wonderful episode in Baby Proof, with a good deal more of the insane action and effects we all know and love, yet never forgetting about those story points that were the standout element from episode four.

With that previous episode leaving us on a couple of cliffhangers, we were thrown right into the action in this one. Ash’s confrontation with Ruby’s new demon child brought a good deal of horror to proceedings which we’ve seldom seen since this season’s premiere. When Ash notices that the baby has grown a little chainsaw on his right hand, he realizes that this baby has been created in his image as a match for him.

What follows from here is an expectedly gory and glorious fight that takes a particularly memorable turn when the baby, having beheaded the Scandinavian woman (who Ash now says is French) with its teeth, manages to get inside her body and taunts Ash by popping its head out of where the head once was (and other places).

While Ash is being made a fool of by a demon toddler version of himself, Kelly and Brandy are still trapped in his old trailer fending off the deadite Pablo, who eventually manages to break in, and after realising that the Pablo face on her leg and the deadite are connected, Kelly harms her leg face in order to harm the deadite. Refusing to kill someone she cares so much about, Kelly can’t fully defeat this deadite, but Brandy grabs the Kandarian Dagger and slides it right into Pablo’s chest.

What follows is the pay off of all those strange visions Pablo had been having this season as he awakens in a sort of realm between realms where his uncle, El Brujo resides. El Brujo, already having a knowledge and connection to evil, explains to Pablo that he can become “El Brujo Speciale” and gain an even deeper, less harmful and more helpful connection to evil.

We are then treated to one of the best-edited sequences in Ash vs. Evil Dead history as Pablo is forced to decide which bowl of blood to choose, all the while in the real world, Kelly and Brandy are becoming increasingly concerned over Pablo’s state as his body writhes around and screams out. After an incredibly tense minute or so, and because this is Ash vs. Evil Dead where, as we well know, no dead person ever stays dead too long, Pablo seemingly chooses correctly and wakes up in the trailer, looking better than ever, to the extreme relief of Kelly.

Kelly even goes so far as to kiss Pablo; something Ash vs. Evil Dead fans have been wanting to happen for a LONG time!

But this show doesn’t dwell on such things! There is evil to be destroyed! And Pablo is now even more aware of what is coming.

Kelly tells Brandy to go and fetch Ash while she tends to the wound on her leg and we leave that scene knowing that Kelly has finally displayed her true feelings towards Pablo and it took his second death to make her realise them. There has always been this gentle increasing of love between the two of them but it often felt as though Pablo was the one who expressed deeper feelings. So to hear his reaction to this kiss being what it was (our Ash quote of the week), is absolutely perfect!

Ash, after enduring a beating at the hands of a toddler, manages to trap the child inside of the body of the Scandinavian woman with two bowling balls. I’ll let you figure out for yourself how he managed that one. He arrives back at the hardware store just after Brandy gets there and who else should show up but Ruby.

Ash is convinced he has finally caught Ruby now and can prove to his daughter once and for all that he’s not insane. But of course, just as the local sheriff walks past, Ash flips open the trunk of his car to discover an incredibly bloody toddler sat there, perfectly innocently. It looks again like yet another awful situation for Ash to be in in front of Brandy, but Brandy has just been through it all with deadite Pablo.

Ruby again suggests that Brandy should stay with her for a while but, finally embracing what Ash says as the truth after living through Pablo’s second ressurection, she jumps in the Delta and calls her dad to get in with her.

We are left knowing that the latter half of this season of Ash vs. Evil Dead is once again going to ramp up the action and that we are definitely going to see Ash fighting evil alongside his daughter. Arielle Carver-O’Neill has been an excellent addition to the cast this season and we should all have full faith that she will be just as badass a deadite slayer as everyone else.

Surely evil doesn’t stand a chance this time right!? Well… not if Ruby has anything to say about it.

Ash (Pablo) quote of the week: Just been kissed by Kelly: “S**t, where’s Ash!?”

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