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March 29, 2018
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Suits returns after a winter break with an episode titled Hard Truths. The firm is still going through a restructure, Louis wants to desperately help the barred Jessica, and Donna is dealing with the aftermath of her decision. Season 7, episode 11 aired on Netflix on March 29, 2018.

Welcome back. I’ve missed Suits. There is something about the legal drama that is hard to escape. By definition, it is not the most complex and hard-hitting storyline, but the characters manage to make the writing feel more impactful than it really should be. After a poor start to season seven, Suits picked up the pace with the firm needing an urgent restructure from Harvey, Donna getting into serious trouble, Jessica getting barred from practicing law and… Donna causing even more trouble. The pace has settled slightly in Hard Truths.

Suits Season 7 Episode 11 - Hard Truths

In case you need reminding, and what is probably the most important plot point at present, in the mid-season finale Donna impulsively kissed Harvey. This was a cliffhanger placed to make audiences feel frustrated for months. The good news is, Hard Truths does not beat around the bush. Episode 11 picked up immediately after that scene. Of course, it was not going to be straightforward. With Harvey’s upbringing, he felt guilty that he allowed another woman to kiss him, especially when he’s actually tried making a reasonable life with Paula. Though I must add these lawyers always seem to be working until midnight, so I am not sure how they have any lives at all. For most of the episode, Harvey lashed out at Donna, made her feel intentionally guilty and used any professional power to oust her.

The issue is, both characters depend on each other too much from a story development perspective, so there is an expectation that both of them, regardless of the result of that kiss, settle the tension completely. Harvey indirectly thanked her at the end of the episode and forced the hug, but there are more tears and joy to come. By the end of the episode, to make matters worse, he had to tell Paula that years ago he also slept with Donna, just to add fuel to that blazing, roaring fire. Now that’s a bad conversation I would not want to wish on anyone. Paula is a therapist too; she will see through the bullshit.

Suits Season 7 Episode 11 - Hard Truths

With the return of Suits brings the return of Meghan Markle and her character Rachel; she has been busy during the winter break hasn’t she? The only aspect we can concentrate on now between her and Mike is how they force the story into a break up so she can proceed with her Royal duties. Coincidentally, Mike and Rachel grew closer in this episode, helping each other out on a trusted large client. It would be so funny if Rachel just “went to the shop one day” and never came back. Make it fun Suits, please. Amusingly, Mike just seems to flip lids and backlash at people over his paranoia with every case he gets. I’m still wondering how can he can adjust when he has this Samaritan approach. Harvey is hardly the most ethical lawyer, so the firm is not going to change too much.

Louis Litt is still running around like a raving lunatic trying to put out fires. His character has been put on the back burner for Hard Truths. He’s just being Louis. He will be crucial to the plot in terms of how this restructuring pans out, but I am sure he will have a positive influence this time, and maybe be on the ending of a few fists from Harvey again. The most conclusive part of this episode is the end of Jessica’s story arc. Not only is she getting barred, but Harvey and Louis need to work out how she gets paid after leaving the firm. In the end, the only resolution they can come to is by attacking her in the media and supporting the decision to remove her from practicing law. That will get her paid. It kind of made sense but, no. They have to remove her from future timelines somehow so I respect the writers’ attempt either way.

Suits Season 7 Episode 11 - Hard Truths

Apart from that, the returning episode was a little uneventful. It had its usual legal jargon with Harvey and Mike incessantly shouting the law at people to make settlements, but it was business as usual. Nothing to grumble about in particular, but by the end of this season, they need a fitting resolution to Donna and Harvey’s relationship, or the fans will probably all morph into Louis and run around like raging idiots. Nobody wants that.

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