Suits S7E12 Recap

April 5, 2018
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After some truths hitting home last week, Harvey has to come to terms with dealing with his father’s legacy, Louis plays fire with an old flame and Mike has to defend his client against a good friend. Suits Season 7, episode 12 – Bad Man aired on Netflix on April 5, 2018.

In an episode dramatically titled as Bad Man, it appears that the “Donna & Harvey show” has settled in its embers but at least the Louis Litt Mud Bath is back…

More emphasis is placed on Louis’ story in the latest installment of Suits. The comical lawyer cannot seem to shake off the old flame Shiela that returns just to have sex with him despite the fact that she is engaged to be married. You have to feel sorry for the lawyer – no sooner after he showed some positive character development after the break up with his ex, he looks to be back to square one, chinwagging with his useless therapist who provides the most basic advice. Louis is almost a spin-off of Suits, as it has all the essence of a comedy without the laughing track. It is like you are in a different universe when watching his side stories. Of course, the entire point of titling the episode Bad Man is because of each character needing to show a ruthless side. Predictably, Louis returns to Sheila’s arms with implied sex after only a day to consider. Let’s not imagine it. The comedy is enhanced by the flashbacks; for the first time, they reveal Louis as a young teenage boy who was hurt by a “girlfriend” who was openly cheating on him. That little snippet of history is apparently the root of all his relationship problems.

As for Mike, well, he isn’t ready to be a senior partner yet. Donna, the secretary turned executive makes Harvey well aware again that the young lawyer is not ready for that MVP position. Despite their obvious history, it makes me smirk slightly that Harvey, a fully fledged and experienced corporate lawyer, takes all of Donna’s business opinions as fact, but hey, it adds to the drama. Mike had bigger problems than to worry about potential promotions because of his irritating friend Oliver who has suddenly conjured enough confidence to put a case against one of Mike’s clients. This is just typical drama from the show, and if you watch Suits religiously, you will realize that everything goes round in circles. The biggest challenge, which probably could have been more impactful many seasons ago, is to determine if Mike can be Harvey and serve an a*s-kicking to his friend despite the awkwardness of the legal situation. All this sets up the possibility of Mike becoming senior partner. It’s all very simple writing which Suits has succumbed to this season. Did Mike become a serious, evil, lawyer Harvey?

Of course he did.

As for Harvey’s bad man moment, well, it’s not bad man at all – more of a family sacrifice. Jessica, who has already left the firm, has been provided with the compensation guarantee but has the audacity to call Harvey up whenever she wants and asks for $2million sent to her in an untraceable bank transfer rather than having her money in lump sums. This is, of course, illegal, which makes Harvey’s serious forehead sweat, but she provides no reason whatsoever. I mean, can she f**k off? That’s what I’d be saying. Why are you still cast? You’ve left. Maybe Suits are doing the odd scene here and there just so they can easily welcome a shocking return. Harvey had to go back to his past and find someone who is willing to send a large amount of money that is untraceable, which of course meant he had to remove his father’s music legacy because the guy he asks owns the records. Don’t ask, it’s not worth explaining. His precious dad’s music has gone – boo-f*****g-hoo.

This was, for all intents and purposes, a filler episode that I did not have much care for. It just displayed characters showing traits that they have not apparently shown before. They have, which makes it more pointless. Look, it’s getting to the latter end of the season now, do what you do best and get the lawyers to bark and get angry and have extreme legal situations potentially hurting them. Stop with this made up on the spot, historic, baseless bullshit that has no place in the story whatsoever. Bad Man – seriously? What, Mike does his job, Louis decides to have sex and Harvey cries over his father’s music? That’s proper bad, that.

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