Suits S7E13 Recap

April 13, 2018
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Suits S7E13 - Inevitable

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Suits takes an emotional turn this week, with each character having to make personal choices in the episode titled Inevitable. Season 7, episode 13 aired on April 12, 2018, on Netflix.

I am sorry for my miserable recap last week. Filler episodes irk me sometimes, especially on a weekly episode format. The problem with Suits is that it does not cater well for spin-off episodes. You could argue that the legal drama is almost a soap, where each week an appropriate update on a character is provided. For our American readers, a soap is some regular drama bullshit that many of us British get consumed by. Not me, thankfully. Anyway, in regards to the latest episode, Inevitable, the drama takes an emotional turn; one that took me by surprise and reminded me why I enjoy this show so much.

As the title suggests, the events taking place are leading to an inevitable conclusion. For the last 12 episodes, we have witnessed the characters going down a road stubbornly, acting like reality will not hit them.

Suits S7E13 - Inevitable

Mike and Rachel will obviously part ways, with the Royal Wedding hitting the UK soon, so this story is predictable. Episode 13 showcases their first problem: Mike does not fill out the form for their first meeting with the church, which understandably annoys his fiance. Almost bafflingly, Mike and Rachel somehow reconcile over this matter and they may now be traveling. The writers appear to be dragging their feet, but let’s see how comical they can make it first. I do wonder what is in store for Mike post Rachel unless Meghan Markle makes the decision to remain in acting, though I doubt her Royal duties will allow such a thing. I was thinking about this the other day; how lucky is Prince Harry that he is likely to spend every day with her? It bugs me slightly.

Anyway, in regards to Louis, the class clown of Suits, his inevitably is his old flame, Sheila. Fortunately, this storyline is hilarious. Watching Louis roleplay his sexual fantasies with a woman who is going to break his heart is ridiculously amusing. I’ve come to the conclusion that Louis will probably never grow up and he will be a clown every single season. I cannot imagine the writers ever wanting to stop having fun with such a flamboyant and stressful character that cannot keep his actions at bay.

Suits S7E13 - Inevitable

And the obvious inevitable scenario – Harvey and Donna. I was nearly fed up with these two but unfortunately, episode 13 took this up a notch. Paula asking Harvey to fire Donna was just as heartbreaking as seeing Donna leave her resignation letter. I thought that was it, that the duo was going to be over, leaving our sobbing souls behind to ponder what may have been. This was Harvey’s breaking point. He cannot lose Donna and he went for the noble righteous route and broke up with Paula. Suits has again, gone full circle, with Donna and Harvey back at stage one with flirty glances and those late night whiskeys, hopefully.

There was a legal scenario to this episode but it felt secondary. The only downfall at this stage of the season is everything feels repetitive. On each occasion I have written a recap I find myself wondering if I am summarising the same detail. I believe I am. That does not take away the fact that this episode is a classic that strikes you emotionally. Watching Donna walk away and Harvey chase after her, with the closing music and the worry in each character’s eyes, really captured the imagination.

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